No more large hoop earrings?

  1. I've had my eye on these since they came out but I never bought them and now they're not on the website anymore! I was wondering if anyone had seen these in stores..or will they maybe make it to the outlet? I wanted them for Christmas but was given the wrong ones and then when I went to check online (and had seen them on there a few days earlier) they were gone. I can't even find any on eBay, this is so disappointing!!
  2. Any pics?
  3. I wanted to buy the small ones, and they had vanished from the website, I e-mailed coach and was told they were sold out and they weren't expecting more. Luckily, my bf had already ordered them and I got them for Valentine's day, maybe call JAX just in case?
  4. Yes! Those are the style. I couldn't find any other pictures of them before but I know they came in white/silver, pink/gold and other colors.

    The small ones were on the site recently, even after the large ones had disappeared but I see that those aren't there anymore either. Maybe they slowly phased them out? I wish I had known!

  5. I would call JAX just in case, you never know. People have had great luck ordering things that were no longer on the website from JAX--I would try to use the drilldown to maybe find the item number or if u already know the item number--then just call JAX. Good luck with ur search and I hope you get them!