NO MORE KOOBAS! How Depressing!

  1. Well, Im sure you all wondered when I would quit my Kooba buying spree.......

    Im done. I had to give up last night after it was pointed out that perhaps I went a little *nutz* over them, and started avidly collecting. It wasn't my fault that collector bags came out within days of each other and I bought four. Im possessed! I love my Botkiers, to pieces....honestly, but KOOBAS! My heart leaps at the site of them! I thought getting a Louis was the pinnacle but.....I dont feel that way about any other bag or thing except boots, esthederm skin care, and KOOBAS!!!!!!!!!!

    I will hunt for anybody here who wants a deal, and post stuff, now I can finally take my collection picture this weekend......but, I have to retire from obsession and perhaps enjoy wearing a few....Is there anybody else here who does this?:crybaby:
  2. Rest assured you are *not* alone in your obsession, girl. ~hugs~ I too prefer Kooba over any other brand of bag I own!

    Love to see you pics! Do share them!

    P.S. Since you are officially offering services of a deal searcher, if you find an Annie in Auburn, let me know! I found one in a NM Last Call in Denver, but they wouldn't do a sale over the phone since they couldn't find me in the system for some reason. ~sigh~
  3. Many of us have been there, done that. At one time I owned 13 Koobas, now I am down to 5, a much better number.

    Don't fret, just wear the ones you own and enjoy them.
  4. I own two, but wish I could own many more. I just love Koobas.....except for their past couple of seasons. Now, I want the Lola, and I will only buy it hands on. Then I am going to tell myself that I am done with Kooba. But only after I buy that Lola. Really. Honest.
  5. Kooba was suggested to me by other members here in my "stepping up from Coach" thread. I love the Annie that you posted above. Does the bag really look that big? I love the size as it looks on the listing. I am 5'7.5. Does is look authentic to you?
  6. KoobaMe:

    I don't know if you're still looking for an Annie in Auburn, but BlueFly just put some on their site, along with their camel and oak Annies....

  7. Dear ClutchOnline - I would love some help, please!! Can you help me find a good deal on an Elisha? I loved the pewter but haven't found one yet. I don't know if I can make the blue work but the brown, maybe? If you find a deal, please do let me know, thanks!
  8. I did buy one finally from Bluefly. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet - I adore the color, the smell of the leather is divine and it will hold everything I carry easily and comfortably...but the strap bugs a bit. Fortunately, it can be returned if I decide to do that.

    Thanks for the heads up nonetheless! :flowers:
  9. Hi y'all!! I'm kind of a newbie since I mostly hang out over in the Coach forum, but I do own a couple of Kooba bags that I bought from Off Fifth Saks. I'm also looking for the Annie. I saw this a while back at Neiman Marcus Last Call, and when I went back to get it, it was sold out. :crybaby: What is the cheapest price I can expect to find these for now? I see Bluefly and eBay mentioned..any other venues?? I prefer the darker brown colors.

    Also...I saw a Kooba in a GORGEOUS hot pink and green color. I'm not sure the name of the style. Do they make these in a turquoise color too?? Sorry, I don't really know much about Kooba, and usually I only see them when I go to Neiman Marcus or Saks, and one Nordstrom store. I LOVE what I have seen though!! TIA!!
  10. I have the Annie in Oak and I love it!! I kept checking the NM website and one finally came up-I just bookmarked the page so I could just click and it would take me right to as luck would have it one showed up-for $226!
    I would also one day LOVE to own a black Brynne, so if anyone knows of a great deal please let me know!

    Oh Clutch don't feel bad-I probably own a few more than I should...but I love all of them!
  11. Guess what?? No purse in over a month......Pretty good...Im still hunting around for things, so if any of you have items you want let me know, I'll post them. I saw a couple really fab deals go on ebay too.....I wanted to jump in, and finally had to train myself to walk away. I did get before I stopped though, my coveted espresso Sienna. Ooooh.:heart:
  12. Now how about those family shots, Clutch? :flowers:
  13. Hiya!

    I think the bag you saw must have been either a Callie or a Talia, both of which come in either hot pink or green. Haven't seen a turquoise though.

    So far I've only seen the Annie (from a previous line) on ebay and Bluefly currently. I think Bluefly is your best bet at $375 (new) and there are coupon codes out there to soften the blow. Bluefly has the Annie in three colors currently! :yes:

    Let us know if you get one and what you think!!!
  14. i saw the kooba carly on ebay and i think i am in love! any info on it?