No more Kirsten..Should I get the Speedy instead?

  1. I just got told that there will be no more Kirsten coming:crybaby: Not sure whether I should get the Dentelle speedy instead...any thought? anyone still buying the speedy - in gold or silver??:confused1:
  2. Buy it before it's discontinued...I beg of you...LOL!I just love the dentelle line...Too bad I can't have one...
  3. get it. the speedy in silver is TDF
  4. I would definitely get the Speedy in Gold before they are gone as well.
  5. if you love the dentelle line then yes get the speedy if you cant get the kirsten! You could try eBay?
  6. Yes if you want a dentelle then buy the Speedy before they are all gone, I like silver!
  7. Yes, get the Speedy. I like both gold & silver.
  8. if you want something from the dentell line you should get a speedy now. I prefer the silver on the dentelle speedy.
  9. I like the speedy and think the sliver is best. It just seems to go with the coloring.
  10. Get the speedy - I have silver and absolutely :love: it! I was lucky and also got a silver Kirsten. The dentelle is so pretty!
  11. awww, i am sorry Kirsten are all gone, Speedy would be a great choice too! Plus it's more useful:yes: good luck! :flowers:
  12. Definitely get the Speedy! I love it in gold. :drool:
  13. Yes, get the speedy ... I like the silver as well! Post pics when you get it!
  14. If you want something from the dentelle line, then get the speedy now, or you will regret not getting it later.
  15. 100% get the speedy I love the silver! Go now get run to the store if you have to!!! GO GO GO!!!