No more inventory for a Month @ TJM --Clearance Sale!

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  1. I was at my local TJ Maxx, and was amazed by the great stuff they had on clearance. I overheard two of the sales ladies talking about how they're at maxium inventory, and they would not be receving anything for a month, and almost everything will be going on clearance.
    Check out your Local TJM, and:
    Enjoy Ladies :yahoo:
  2. Great news! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Did you ask if it was all TJM or only that one?
  4. Stock really depends on what store you are in.

    I was at mine today because they advertised a home sale and I have to say there was not much at all in home or clothing.
  5. oo yayy! i havent been shopping there much lately with all these great sales going on but since their dying down ill have to head over there and take a peak.. thanks!:tup:
  6. Oh thanks for the update! I was at mine today and there was lots of cashmere marked down....cardies for $20. and scarves for $15. Also really nice Lancome lipstick for 7.99:wlae:
  7. That explains what I saw yesterday in TJ Maxx. There were designer pieces marked down, but they were in the clearance misses section, not TJ runway. I saw a LaRok dress, Juicy Couture sweater (300$ marked to 29$), Tahari, Rebecca Beeson, even Missoni!(just a shirt but still it was like 30$). :yahoo:
  8. I am soooooooo on my way over there tonight! Thanks!