No more In Touch and Life&style!

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  1. well. not as much anyways.

    i just got my issues today as a normal, before work saturday thing and almost every story in their is old! thanks to fellow tpf-ers (esp. prada's meadow)

    they're the ones entitled body crisis and Kevin's threat btw.

    keep up the good work! LOL some things you find aren't even in the articles. you ladies could give those magazines a run for their money :nuts:
  2. :shame: That's so funny !
  3. I think Prada should start her own blog like the others... her info would be better!!
  4. ITA! I was just looking tonight, and was like, 'heard it, heard it, heard it'....I still had to but one buy one for the bath!
  5. I just bought the Life and Style issue tonight, and I have seen or heard it all. Also the pics are a bit old. I can just read the Celeb section on tPF and keep up with it all(thanks Prada'sMeadow!!.)
  6. Prada's Meadow amazes me. When I watch E! News in the evening, about 90% of the stories are things I have already read on here!
  7. I agree Prada Meadow is amazing!
  8. Yes..I agree..I love all Prada's posting..
  9. ^^ Me, too. :yes:
  10. Awww gosh !!! I feel like such a blabber mouth :shame: :p

    Thanks Ladies :love:
  11. This is so true!!
  12. We love you prada!!!
  13. i agree! i never buy gossip rags anymore. between here and blogs (which i don't even check that often), why pay for it when i read it last week for free? yay prada! more money for bags!
  14. aww Travis :love:

    Thank you !
  15. Thanks Izibet:heart:

    I really should give a shout out to Dazzle too ! she's awsome ! and also responsible for alot of the hot gossip and pics here @ Gossip Celebrity Central @ tPF :supacool:

    Plus everyone else that post news and pics here..... I THANK YOU TOO !!