No more holds....

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  1. at the outlets if the item is on clearance????? UGH One of the outlets called me to say they had the legacy shoulder bag I was looking for then they went on to tell me they cant hold it for me since its a clearance item!! ARGH! What a tease.
  2. Well multiple outlets have held items for people on here including me. Maybe try talking to a different SA?
  3. Yeah, I just called an outlet to hold 3 bags for me today! They said they would hold them for 48 hours.

    I would try again.
  4. Also ask if you can do a charge hold - they'll run your CC and hold the item for up to two weeks. Then when you get there, if you change your mind, just return it. I've done that many times and works great.
  5. I just put 2 clearance Legacy bags on hold today, for 48 hours.

    Ask about doing the CC hold, as yvalenz just mentioned! They should definitely do that for you...
  6. that is odd... everything in the outlet is on sale! So how cant they put anything on hold???
  7. I know I found it extremely odd. They had already held the Mandy for me over the weekend. and I already brought her home. I will call in the morning and see what they say.
  8. try again...
  9. Yeah, if they can't hold it, put it on charge hold. I was so glad I did for my Carly. When they took it out to show it to me, lots of people kept coming by the counter to ask if they had more.
  10. Try talking to another SA or a Manager. It's silly to not hold an item for at least a little while. Especially if you are going to purchase it.