No more Hermes at NM???!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok, finally had a chance to stop by NM to see what Hermes scarves they might have as I was interested in the eppuelate(?) scarf and I remembered they had some at my NM....well I was told they no longer carry Hermes scarves or scarf rings!!! Did I miss something????
  2. That's interesting.... which Neiman's were you at??
  3. In T/C VA
  4. They don't carry H at NM in TC, only NM in Chevy Chase.
  5. Argh!!!! Well thats inconvenient! I wonder why...
    But they did carry the scarves and rings cause i've purchased a few there before
  6. there is also a H at NM in DC
  7. Thanks rdrse123....I don't usually get out that way too much but I guess I can call them!
  8. They used to sell H scarves at NM in KOP, but stopped when the H boutique moved from outside the second floor of NM, to outside the first floor of NM.
  9. Try Mazza Gallerie NM in D.C. There's a small H shop there selling scarves, bags, and accessories.
  10. Thanks CN! Did not know this! :smile: do they take phone orders??
  11. Anytime. Hope you can get it phone-ordered. There's one SA there (not the supervisor:sweatdrop:) who is really nice and loves scarves.
  12. Haha...if not I'll have to try to convince my DH we should take a ride there! :smile:
  13. In addition to DC, which NM still carry Hermes? And if you post, please indicate whether they carry only scarves or bags as well. TIA

    I was on a bag waitlist for 2 years with my NM SA from Fine Apparel, and she just left the company!