No more Gris Tourterelle ?

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  1. My SA just tell me that they are not going to receive any GT Birkin or Kelly ... Is that the same in your local stores ? Appreciate your sharing as I m devastated to learn about this
  2. Not receiving mean what you should ask your sa further
    Sm cannot order gris t upcoming podium
    Sm ordered already all delivered and sold to customers
    No stocks
    Not on list
    Cancelled orders
    Totally different
  3. I guess the situation in my local store may not be as transparent as in other places. Thx for your input and let see if she would answer those questions as u suggested and if that help
  4. Btw, it's not the root cause of "not receiving" but the practice elsewhere that i am all interested in
  5. Avail for SO this spring per my SA (not sure what leathers) therefore not rested
  6. thx a lot
  7. Do u mean Gris T will be available for SO placed this coming April? *crossing fingers*
  8. Is it that there'll be gris mouette instead?
    Is it similar?
  9. I have been waiting 16 months for a gris T SO 28 Kelly so this may explain the no show but would not explain why none of the SO orders from that period, for that store are a no show. Now I don't give a bunny's pile of roll outs if it ever shows up because a 28 black chevre HAC took its place. No more waiting for me!!! (booya-Hermes).
  10. "A bunny's pile of roll-outs" :roflmfao:

    I have an SO that's missing because CLEARLY Noir Togo is in such short supply :rolleyes: OY.
  11. I feel your pain. I just commented to the lovely lady from whom I purchased the black chevre that I could spit nails at the DC boutique and not be surprised if I hit them. (I am 1.5 hrs away.)

    As an aside, back in Dec when the SA and I spoke I said I am flexible as long as the color was neutral and the purse be a size 28. Oh we will be in touch. (Uh huh and I will send you a quarter so you can call and bs me some more. . . Hold your breath for that quarter it is a special quarter.)

    I applaud those that have patience. I will raise a glass of vino and do a happy dance to share your celebration of the fruits of your wait. May it be sooner than later coz I am getting long in the tooth.
  12. That's what my lovely SA told me...I hope she is right!

    Just Gris T your teeth and wait..... :greengrin: Oh and try the nail spitting, you have my support :P
    I'm just going to keep ordering until they start to show up....
  13. Hmmm, I'm close to a year waiting on a PO Gris T...
  14. I hope you are being sarcastic about a short supply of noir Togo- that's my most recent PO-
    I will cry if I end up with two missing POs!
  15. Totally joking as it's probably the most commonly made bag!
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