No More Free Ship at ELux for LV?????

  1. I was just on their site ready to order something because it says free ship and I was chatting with the live help. I asked her why it came up $12.50 shipping when it says Free Ship on the top of the page and she said we no longer offer free ship for LV???!!!
  2. Yup, it was like that too over the holidays. Kinda sux, doesn't it? Just buy something small like lip gloss or something, then you'll get free shipping.
  3. WHAT?! That totally sucks :sad: We spend so much on LV and we can't even get free shipping? Where is the justice!!! :hysteric:
  4. I guess it might work if your lip gloss cost 150.00 or more!
  5. I added $17 lip gloss to my cart and got free shipping. Without it, the shipping would have been $12.50, so it was like I got the lip gloss for $4.50 if I'd paid for the shipping!

    BUT the stupid violette agenda was sold out, so I didn't place my order anyway. :tdown:
  6. How much would shipping cost if you bought your item from the LV website?

    I wonder who offers lower shipping costs, LV or elux?
  7. You will have to pay tax though if you order from LV site.
  8. I in fact did the same thing. I ordered some lipstick/lip gloss set. It looks good actually. Anyway, you can also order a gift card for future purchase. With a gift card, you don't have to pay for shipping.
  9. If you have an LV in your state, otherwise no tax.
  10. I had to order some Juicy Couture charms to get a free shipping with my LV purchase. I have never thought of a gift card.....better try it next time :smile:
  11. ^^^ good to know, since I don't really need anymore lip gloss ... LOL!
  12. ^^^ elux is still cheaper by $5.00 with ground shipping ~ not sure about the other methods.
  13. ooh! that's good to know! :tup:
  14. i still go w/elux, the savings on Tax is worth paying the shipping, plus I get free upgrade b/c i bought so much ^^;
  15. ^Lol, I don't get the no tax thing since I'm in CA, but I did get the free upgrade. My ring should be here this week hopefully. :p