No more feedback as of May?

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  1. Apologies if there's already a thread about this, I've been looking but can't find one. In the pornographic dress thread,


    So do I understand eBay is doing away with feedback? I haven't heard anything about it. Are there any other changes planned? Where can I find out more?
  2. Only buyers will be able to leave feedback.
  3. Oh okay thanks folks, and thanks for the links Emald, I will check them out. I had no idea there were going to be any changes at all - typical eBay. Guess I'd better get on and sell anything I don't want anymore in the next few weeks! Just going to have a look at those threads ... learn all about the good news :lol:
  4. Sellers will be able to leave feedback, but only POSITIVE.
  5. i just read the links provided...i think its a dumb move by ebay
  6. That sucks. Good thing I don't sell on ebay, I just buy.
  7. Does this make any sense to you? I have been scammed over $1600.00 within the last 4 mos. and I can't even leave bad feedback if this happens? Of course I never do anyway for fear of retalitory negative feedback but please tell me how this makes sense? I don't know about you all and I realize some of you don't sell on ebay but it has been my experience since 2002, that there are alot more dishonest buyers that sellers. Please buyers, don't take it personally but this has just been my experience. Now we have absolutely no protection what-so-ever and have the possibility of being scammed even more. I just don't understand this. :confused1:
  8. this is honestly INSANE. and enough to keep me from selling anything on ebay ever again. maybe even from buying, too.
  9. I am listing my last few items, both the stuff I buy from Saks Off 5th and my own personal stuff, now, so that I am done by May. Then I am going to sit out and see how it goes.

    Ebay has been difficult lately. I actually prefer buying & selling to & from newbies than "seasoned" eBayers because they like to "play" with the rules and get away with what they can. And now that the "rules" have changed it can be even worse!
  10. I listed a few items last night hopefully they will all sell even though i know they wont. I am trying to get rid of stuff before May 1st. it sucks bc i just got into ebay and have 30 + fb, now with the rules changing it makes it so difficult to have a good transaction.
  11. It would help if we who are disgusted by this kind of let them now how upset we are by petitioning or something...
  12. That's a good point. I wonder if there are any statistics on whether it's mostly buyers or sellers that initiate more PP/Ebay claims? Regardless, I think the new FB policy stinks!
  13. ^I my nearly 8 years on ebay, I've had maybe 3 scammer sellers but 9 non-paying bidders in the last 2-ish years I've been selling (I've been buying longer than selling)

    This is going to be REALLY annoying. I JUST had an NPB who never once responded to my emails or my NPB alert and I left him a negative.
    THIS is the kind of buyer I want to protect myself (and others) from. I still don't get this decision at all...if the buyer doesn't want to respond to anything, they're not going to so ebay pushing "communication" is moot. It just makes no sense to me how you can have a good system going where feedback can't be exchanged in a truthful manner. I'd personally like to be aware if a potential buyer has scammed other sellers in the past. :tdown:
  14. These will be my last listings then.....and to show my solidarity I won't purchase either...this is horrible