No more Epi Mandarin on Eluxury

  1. :sad: I was going to order the Epi Jasmin in Mandarin from Elux. THey don't have that color anymore. The only colors they have left are: red/silver (hate it), myrlte, and black.
    Why, why why... :cry:
    Where can i find that beautiful Mandarin color?
  2. They have that bag in Mandarin in Toronto LV store.
  3. I saw it at the Dallas Galleria LV a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Yeah, your best bet at this point is to contact an LV store and get them to check which stores still have the bag you want. The Epi Mandarin Speedy I bought over the weekend had to be shipped from Richmond to the Tysons Corner store (LV Fairfax Square) where I'm going to go pick it up tomorrow (yay!).

    Good luck and I hope you get your bag!
  5. ^^ they don't have it anymore at the LV in NM? gasp
  6. Nope. All the NM LV has left are a few small Mandarin items, like the wallet I was "compelled" to buy later that same day. It's funny how just knowing that something is starting to go away makes it something I Must Have. I'm sure therapy is in order. :P
  7. Wow, I still want a Mandarin Epi pouchette =( At least I already have a key cles in Mandarin.

    But I'm not sure, Red or Mandarin -_- Such a hard choice!
  8. Did you call and speak to someone at Eluxury ? I know that many of the things that are discontinued and no longer on elux are still available in the stores. I called my SA last week about a couple of accessories in a discontinued line and they still had them all over the place and she ordered them to be sent to my store. Plus my store had tons of epi mandarin on display the last time I was there. I don't buy much from ELUX so I am not sure if they can get something from the store, but you can alway buy from the boutique and have them mail it to you if you do not live close to an LV.
  9. ^Yes....Just Because A Bag Is Not On Eluxury Does Not Means It's Not Available....Vuittongirl ~ You Will Find One ~ They Are Still Out There!
  10. Yah, I called the LV boutique nearby and they only have one left. I'm afraid it's the display one. :suspiciou
    I also called 866Vuitton, they told me that there are only 40 Epi Jasmine in Mandarin in the U.S. :unsure:
    I'm freaking out. I asked if Mandarin will be discontinued and they said they aren't sure.
  11. They may still have one at the LV store in The Westchester in White Plains, NY.;)
  12. :sad2: I can't believe Mandarin is being discontinued. I was hoping this day would never come. Looks like I will have to pick a few mandarin items myself before I lose the chance.

    GL with your jasmin!!
  13. I think it depends on the item, and when they sold out of Mandarin in whatever it was, they didn't reorder. They certainly had it in the wallet I ordered.
  14. I saw some epi mandarin bags and accessories the last time I was in South Coast Plaza, CA.
  15. Well at least now they are acknowledging that it *might* be true that it's being discontinued. I had two different LV store/counter managers tell me on the same day that Epi Mandarin was being discontinued, and yet when people here called that number that same day, they were told that it wasn't. Go figure.:blink: