No more Emeril!?

  1. So no more Emeril Lagasee's Emeril Live show!! I used to loooove watching this show, I was really in the hype that everyone was into when there surge of Emeril power was on, but after a few years I felt it was the same ol' BAM going on. But I still can't believe the show is a no go for the next season! WHY?! Essence of Emeril will still be on, but without Emeril live I feel like FoodTV just wont be the same.

    What are you're thoughts?? Glad to see him go? Or will ya miss him a butt load?!
  2. Moving over to television and cinema!
  3. What?! No more Emeril Live?! How can they NOT renew for another season. I loved that show. Actually, with my cooking-challenged self, it one the only cooking show I watched.
  4. I'm not sad at all. I thought it was really cheeseball. And I hated the way that everyone clapped wildly whilst he was......using GARLIC! BAM! Wow. Garlic. Sorry. Really boring show.
    He's the guy who really started the whole Food Channel but this was on my list of bottom shows. :shrugs::shame:
  5. ^^^ Sadly, I agree. I think that the Essence of Emeril was much better. The garlic, bamming, really loud talking, music, all that, was too much and I didn't like it. However, I'd watch that over that Paula's Party!
  6. Oh wow-I am surprised! I am friends with a gal who is the marketing VP there-gonna have to ask her what happened.
  7. yes yes! Then PLs come back and tell us!
  8. gah. hate emeril. really annoying. also ate at his restaurant in Atlanta and it was CRAP. the osso bucco was terrible, i've had better at little neighborhood places.
  9. Love Emeril!
  10. Oh wow! I guess there's just way too many better food shows! No more BAM!
  11. I could watch every show on the Food Network except for the Emeril one, strangely enough. Yes, I could stomach annoying Rachael with her whiny, scratchy voice....and grinny Giada saying "aaahhh" and "oooo" all the time..I never ever could watch Emeril..and he's Portuguese..which is like me turning against my culture or something:shrugs: :lol:
  12. ^^^ ahahaa!! Giada i cant do much. I fell like shes a smile talker. Like smiles and ralk at thd same time and then smiling when shes done. And i feel like im her dentist. Always seeing her gums!! Rachaels voice is unique.. And her laugh/smirks seem kind of fake... But maybe thats just how her voice is??
  13. ^^^ Hmmm... I don't know re: Rachael. If you watch older episodes, her mannerisms, voice and overall demeanor is much different. I prefer it to her current "personality." I am not really a recipe follower, but RR does have some good quick ideas that you can work with easily. I'll watch Giada, but something about her bugs me. I don't think she actually ever eats what she makes either or she'd be huge- that or good genetics! I really like Nigella Lawson and Dave Lieberman.
  14. ^^ I think Rach has more personality now because in the beg. she was new, and food network was new. They were probably wanting to test the waters first, and once they knew people liked her being cooooookey, they said go for it and she went full blast and now thats just how she is. hahaha.

    they say the camera adds 10lb.. so imagine how skinny Giada really is!