No More Ebay For Me!

  1. I am completely disappointed with eBay. I will no longer have anything to do with it. I just started selling on eBay and they removed three Louis Vuitton auctions I had and suspended my account. I emailed them and offered to provide proof my items were authentic but they did not care. That's it for me. Never again!!!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. Oh no. That's really horrible, I'm sorry! :sad:
  3. There are a lot of fake item auctions and they are not removed. How can this be?
  4. That's what I'd love to know. I report fakes daily and I see they're still up there. There's currently an OBVIOUS fake CB Pap up there for about $800 and it's still up. Also an ugly keychain that was never made and it's $40. I mean come on, THAT is the kind of bull they need to be looking at, not the honest sellers. :cursing:
  5. i hear ya sista (similar thing happened to me but i won't bore you with the details since i've ranted plenty). the insult to injury is the canned response from the "safety and trust" department -- who are these idiots? where else can we take our legitimate business?
  6. The safety and trust department is probably made up by people that have never seen authentic designer items before. eBay is not what I thought it was. Waste of my time. :cursing:
  7. I know. It seems like Ebay only wants to make business with people who like to rip others off. Their auctions are obviously fake. I guess the people in charge of deciding what is authentic and what is not probably have fake designer items themselves thinking it's the real deal.
  8. I work in the trust and safety department ... actually, in the department that reviews handbag/designer auctions and decides whether to remove it or leave it on that site.. and i can definitely say that i know a LOT about purses.. especially chanel.. mmmm ... but they of course have to have policies in place to make it fair as to what is removed and what isn't removed.. so unfortunately since we cannot authenticate each and everyones item, it means that sometimes we take down the good listings and sometimes bad ones are left up :sad: ...

    I feel bad knowing that ive probably taken down some of your listings :sad: i wish i didnt have to.. i hate finding out that ive removed a listing that is completely legit .. sorry guys!

    of course, i cant disclose exactly what it is that gets your bags removed because that would really ruin the whole system and i would get fired and well.. you never know who is reading these forums.. I dont want someone who is listing fake bags to read it and then know what to do.. that would be horrible.. it sucks sometimes knowing that you cant help as much as you would like to!
  9. I appreciate you explaining this (somewhat) to us. It is still very confusing as Ebay communicates with form letters with links that are somewhat difficult to understand.

    I would think it would not be that difficult to pull auctions from sellers who list brand new designer handbags for a fraction of the price, and have a history of selling several of the same handbags. They obviously get them in bulk from somewhere in Asia. Pull those auctions.

    Ebay is pulling auctions from reputable sellers. Their history shows the selling of their personal items ONLY. Not bulk!

    Do you look at the history before making these decisions?
  10. ITA...I would love to use ebay to sell some of my LV bags, but I've been putting it off for a long time because I don't have a selling history and I keep hearing these stories of people whose auctions are being taken down!

  11. Yes it is very frustrating! I suppose you could always go to an ebay store and have them do all the work. Have to pay a fee though.

    What about this private, for members only selling forum here? You have more than 500 postings. Have you checked it out?
  12. ebay sucks, plain and simple.

  13. Yes of course haha

    Why are we still using it though?

    One time I was in an Ebay discussion board. I used the term ebay sucks.
    They took down the posting and sent me a warning.
  14. Have you tried contacting Live Help? I've found that using that system is a lot more helpful than emailing them back and forth.
  15. Live Help wont do a damn thing except give you an email address... drives me crazy, I search and report fakes allll the time and when I sell something its ended... thank god i havent been suspended yet, but Im not selling again for fear that it will be... I HATE eBay!