No more codes for RM at any etailers! True?

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  1. I just read on a another board that there will be no more RM codes from any etailers--a girl with a pretty established site posted this. Has anyone heard about this? Supposed to take place in about a wk--I'm seriously disappointed if this is true--seems like a big blow to her biggest supporters. I'm hoping this is misinfo!
  2. That's the rumor, and I think it's true. RM's people haven't confirmed it but some of the online retailers have. :sad:

    If it is true, I will definitely be buying much less.
  3. No, its not true. It was confirmed to be not true by Catalina at RM.

  4. L360 rep just told me that it was true...they sort of got in trouble on the codes....
  5. Which rep? I'm just hearing different things from different people, so I want to confirm some of this myself.
  6. maybe trouble with their profit margin. But not with RM...:upsidedown:

    (OKay i just want to make a little joke because of this yes/no codes issue..:hrmm:)
  7. Shoot...I forgot her name.... She gave me the regular 20% off because she feels bad. I will just take the 20%...fine...I am still satisfied but its not sitting very well with me...I feel weird having to be told that they got in trouble with RM but as per Catalina, it's not true....
  8. I think it would be best if Rebecca asign a discount code lets say 20%-25% for us tpfers only and we will purchase directly from her site, instead of going to other retailers!
    What do you all think?
  9. I would be all in favor of that! :biggrin: :tup:
  10. Luna Boston too, I wonder?:sad:
  11. If this is true, THANK GOD I got my Matinee when I did. I would never have purchased it with out the 20% off. I am totally in love with this bag, but full price it was just slightly over what I can personally justify.

    I hope that if the codes are going away on an every day basis..that maybe at least they will still pop up at TIMES...aka last seasons colors...preferred customer sales or at least SOMETHING.
  12. ^^^yeh, I don't expect to have codes everytime....they do have to make the $$$...but during holiday seasons, etc...that will be sweet
  13. This was said by Megs in another thread. And if you really consider the aspect of RM growing as a "business" it makes perfect sense.

    You are right on! [​IMG]

    I think I can shed some light on this situation. I spoke with Rebecca about this issue and she shared some insight. There was becoming a problem with so many e boutiques marking down her bags by such large amounts. When one offered 10% off, the next one upped and offered 15% and so on and so forth. I think people began to expect this and this really takes away from her brand growing like she wants it to. Rebecca is protecting her brand and her bags by keeping the prices the same across the board.

    I am sure many do not like to hear it at first, but really, so many have really scored amazing bags, made in the USA with Italian leather and stunning quality.
  14. Is it wrong to want codes just for our members?;) I think the codes are great to introduce people to the brand as well.