No More Coach for Me :(

  1. Hi everyone,

    It's been a bit since I've posted but it's come time to put my obsession to the side for a bit. My husband (within the last three weeks) was diagnosed with a brain tumor, we were on to surgery and just found out it is malignant.

    So medical bills come first. *sob* How I'll miss the anticipation on filling my wishlist items :crybaby: But priorities, you know.

    Keep us in your thoughts.
  2. Lori, you will most certainly be in my prayers and thoughts. Be strong and all the best.
  3. My prayers are with you.
  4. I'm so sorry! You and your husband will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers!
  5. I am so, so, sorry. My prayers are with you.
  6. My thoughts are with you and your husband. I am so sorry to hear this. Family definately comes first.
  7. Ill keep you and your husband in my prayers.
    The best of hope in the world for him.
    Coach is wonderful, but definately does not come first in life when it comes to situations like this.
    Be sure to keep in touch with us every now and then. :heart:
  8. I am so sorry to hear about your hubby. I hope everything goes well for him.
  9. so sorry to hear about your hubby. of course family always comes first. your family is in our prayers.
  10. My prayers are with you and your family, keep us updated!
  11. I am very sorry to hear this. I just sent you a PM.
  12. I'm so sorry. I'll take a break from my normal jackassery and say a prayer for you and your family. I do hope for the best!
  13. I'll be thinking about you and your hubby. My best wishes for him...
  14. I, also, will keep you in my prayers ... my heart goes out to you and your husband.
  15. Sorry to hear about your husband. You will be in my prayers.