No more Chev for bigger size birkins?

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  1. Lizzie do come in 30cm upon special order. I know of an Indonesian associate whose wife got a 30cm lizzie Birkin. Other than that, its 25cm.
  2. Totally true. But, I believe the chevre used to line bags is different from the type used for the exterior of a "chevre" bag.
  3. And then, there are . . . Hermes goats!:P

  4. Or maybe they don't offer 40cm birkin in chevre this year only?

    :confused1: when the "H" goat is big enough then they'll start making it again? :roflmfao:

    Thx anyway for all the helps
  5. yup that is correct. the lining is chevre marrocain! and that material was neverused for outside or any other function other then interior lining.

    h always rests skins for nature sakes and in order to keep balance and quality up .