No more Chev for bigger size birkins?

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  1. I was calling FSH yesterday doing some research for "H" and the SA told me that Chev leather is not available for 40cm Birkin anymore coz the goat skin is too small to make a 40cm one.... is that true?

    Sorry if this issue has been discuss before
  2. There are certain leather that do not come in 40cm, ie. Lizard do not come in 40cm as well, I think. Croco 40cm is also rare but it comes in bigger size of 40 and even 50cm ( Pharrell's Birkin )
  3. Yes, this is correct. Chevre (goat) skin.
  4. I've got a 27 CDC bolide and noticed recently that the strap has a fine line on the inside part (where the stamp is). I brought it to the store and they said it could have been the goat is too :short" for the strap and they used 2 seperate pieces.

    They will check further with Paris.

    Does anyone notice? Does this happen to yours to?
  5. lizards only come in 25 & less, no?
  6. yep, thats what i kno too.
  7. I have a 36cm HAC in black chevre and it's stunning. It's quite a big bag already, so it's funny that they can't make it just a bit bigger to get a 40cm.
  8. if chevre can't come in bigger sizes, how in the world do they make the lining for travel bags then? because the travel Kelly I saw was lined in ebene goatskin.

    and the 40 HAC that I tried was lined in black chevre. I don't get it? :confused1:
  9. Maybe the goats havent been eatin lately
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    I have it on the bandouliere but my kelly is a 32 chevre de coromandel.
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    Bigger bags are only made with chevre mysore (35 and up) and I guess the lining too. To make the interior of a bag I guess it's different from the exterior.
  12. could be a different kinda goat? bigger size, not nice enough for the outer facade?

    we see bags by other designers that are big and made of goatskin, so i guess that there are goats and there are goats.... :shrugs:
  13. I've always thought it's not the question of availability (there are big goats and ostriches around) but it is harder to source for big perfect skins that meet the standards of hermes.

    My understanding from a previous post by Lilach (if I am not mistaken) is that the chevre lining inside the bag is from a different specie of goat to that used for the exterior of the bag (Coromandel, Mysore etc).
  14. I believe chevre mysore (and the new mangalore) are available in larger sizes but not chevre de coromandel - different size goats.
  15. I ordered a 40 birkin in February but was told there is a possibility they may decline it. So we'll see. That is, if the store actually orders the bag like they said they would!