No more caviar in Chanel minis?

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  1. I heard from two Youtubers (Fashionablyamy and Aimee Jo) that 18B is the last series for Chanel minis in caviar: since now Chanel won't release anymore minis in caviar leather. These two ladies bought together the beautiful Chanel mini in raspberry colour (dark pink in 18B) in Canada in Vancouver store and that's where they receive this information. I'm Italian, I called the Chanel boutique in Florence to check but they told me they don't know anything about no more caviar in minis.

    Do you know something about it? Let me know, please.

    It's a little bit frustrating to me because I'm planning my next purchase and I would like to add a Chanel square mini in caviar to my collection. My Chanel bag's collection is so small (only two items) but lovely ❤️: a black Woc in caviar leather with GHW and a black chevron rectangular mini in lambskin and SHW. I love them so much: I use the woc to death because it's so carefree and practical, really a great pick and the rectangular mini is the perfect size, I love ❤️ the lock and lambskin is soft and gorgeous but, for sure, more fragile than caviar!
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    I asked my SA at BG this week and she said she didn’t hear anything about this. I also didn’t hear anything from my boutique sa and she works at the flagship. Maybe this is region specific?
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  3. Thank you for your answer. I'm happy to hear it! More options for me to get my mini in caviar in next future (I'm planning spring 2019).
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  4. It seems like this rumor/info is coming from Canada in guess is that either the Canadian boutiques are not planning on ordering them OR our Canadian friends are trying to move any remaining inventory quickly. Minis in general are quite a popular line for Chanel so it just wouldn't make business sense for them to randomly decide this anyway.
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  5. That's right: minis are so popular and people first option is caviar because it's more durable.
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  6. I asked my SA in Toronto Canada and she said has not heard this and would be shocked if this did happen.
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  7. I contacted Chanel online directly and asked the question about caviar class bags not just minis. Interestingly they first asked what country I’m located in (us). They then responded that the classic comes in different leathers and that the leathers will change from season to season. It was a little bit of a non answer but it didn’t give me the impression they’re discontinuing caviar. It may be different for Canada or other countries.
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  8. I called the Vancouver Chanel today and was told the same thing, that Chanel is discontinuing caviar minis. They only received one mini this shipment and it's lambskin. Sigh.
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  9. It seems more related to Vancouver store than to Chanel boutiques in general. It's what I understand reading all the informations we are collecting.
  10. I asked if this was a change they’re making at this location only and was told that this was true for all Chanel.

    I’m not sure what to think!
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  11. I think these two youtubers went to the same store together on the same day, so they heard from the same source? Other people from other areas have heard differently.
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  12. Yes, that’s correct. We heard it from the same source. However, that source repeated this info maybe 3 times on separate occasions. A couple friends from Calgary and Toronto have also confirmed the same information regarding minis coming in lambskin only after 18B.
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  13. I also heard that Chanel will discontinue Caviar leather in all the classics bags (small, medium/large, jumbo sizes and also on the classic mini bags (square and rectangular). The prices on the minis will go 200 usd up for the following seasons.
  14. Did you hear this from a SA in the US?
  15. I asked my SA at the SF boutique this question. She said "no", Chanel isn't discontinuing caviar on the minis/classics, but definitely none coming in caviar for at least the next two collections.
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