no more catalogs!?!

  1. I heard that they are thinking about discountinuing printed catalogs. The reaosn I was given was that they come out with things so often and so many people look online.

    It will be sad to not see things in print:sad:
  2. That's a shame. I have one that I'll always keep as a reference, especially now.
  3. i like catalogs for reference! and to drool over!
  4. Though I do mostly see pix online, I just love to have the catalogue! I love to collect every year they have a new one. :p
  5. I doubt this is true. Coach comes out with new items twice as often and produces a new catalogue every two months. It's an excellent marketing tool. No way will LV stop making them.
  6. You are both right and wrong. They will still print their seasonal catalogs, but will no longer print their main product lines in a catalog.
  7. I hope not. I love the catalogue for quick references. Only if it leads to a price decrease. But I doubt that.
  8. Alrighty then... Now I feel bad for throwing away 25 years of catalogues. *sniff*
  9. That's kind of a bummer....especially as they add more and more items to their permanent lines.
  10. I can totally understand that...most manufacturers I deal with professional have done the same thing.
  11. :sad:
  12. Well, if you look at the catalogs, the lines don't really change ALL that much, just an update or two. I say keep all you have, they're great for reference.
  13. you threw away all those catalogues!!!:wtf: :wtf: I would have taken them off your hands!
  14. Oh no! Vintage catalogs can go for a lot - you should have at least gotten some money back for it!
  15. well, if they stop, then the lv catalogs will grow in value