No More Camera Bags? Please help!

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  1. Hi!

    Please let me know if this question has already been answered!

    I’m currently in Toronto and am trying to get a hold of either a medium or large camera bag….but the SA said she hasn’t seen any in her books for the future. She wasn’t sure if they were going to be any out for this year. Does this mean that it has stopped being made?

    I didn’t have the funds last time I saw one at the Toronto Boutique. :crybaby:
    I’m really hoping to get one now.

    What are your opinions on trying to get one now? Call boutiques in the US (any recommendations/tips)? Ebay?
    I will be heading to Hong Kong and Japan but in December, do you think I could get one then?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help I really appreciate it.
  2. Are you referring to the reissue camera case? If so, I believe they are discontinued. But they are still available at US boutiques, since they didn't mark them down like the department stores did.

    What color are you looking for? The Chanel boutique in Houston still has the medium in black, grey, and DS, but no large.
  3. Thanks so much! I'm looking for either grey or DS with SHW. I'm a little weary about shipping to Canada because I have never tried that before and am not sure how it would work.
  4. Sorry another quick question.
    Are the non-reissue ones available normally?
  5. classic one i think it's permanent line..
    quilted lamb.
  6. Hi,

    Chanel boutiques in Hong Kong have reordered the reissue camera bags. They are in metallic colors I have seen dark silver, navy and pink. When I was there last week all sizes were still available (small, medium and large).
  7. Thank you!
    Any idea on the prices in Hong Kong?
  8. I saw the gray one at the San Francisco boutique ~2 weeks ago. Don't know if it's still there.
  9. Anyone seen any large reissue camera cases at the Boutiques?? (I know it is full price) I can only find small and the CC version
  10. Try to call Chanel boutique in San Francisco.
    One large black w/ ghw is available.

  11. From what my Saks SA told me, the large camera case bag did not go on sale at Saks, only the medium and small went on sale. I wanted to buy the large, my SA told me she had several large in stock as they did not go on sale. This was like a month ago. But you might want to call Saks to find out or PM me for SA contact if you want to buy the large size.
  12. ^All the camera bags from Fall 2008- the reissue camera bags- went on sale at saks/neiman's last month. There are lambskin ones with the classic CCs that have not gone on sale yet still available.
  13. If I remember correctly, the large size reissue camera case is around HKD28,300. Same for both metallic color and matt.

  14. Thanks to every one for their help!
    I got one (from a fellow forum member)!! I'm so very happy.