No more brahmin outlet!!!

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  1. I'm sorry to say I received a email the other day that the brahmin outlet in jersey gardens in Elizabeth New Jersey will close their doors on July 17 2016. They are my second love of bags but it was a hassle to go there. Anyone living near by has until then to go. They are not getting any more shipments.
    They need to move to Woodbury commons in New York where everyone else is.
  2. MJ: thanks for the update. I never got to Jersey Gardens. But I'd be delighted if Brahmin moved to
    Woodbury Commons. I don't get to Woodbury very often, but it's closer and so much easier if I do decide
    to go. Please keep me posted if you find out when they are opening in Woodbury.
  3. I sure will but I don't think they have any plans. It seems there outlets are in Orlando, west palm beach, and San Marcos.
  4. Brahmin is also my other handbag love. Didn't they just open that store in Jersey or am I thinking of somewhere else? Outlet also in Fairhaven, MA. Hopefully, they just need to find a suitable location with more traffic and spenders.
  5. Yes that outlet just opened in October 2015
    I was told the store couldn't keep up with the rent payment. It's a hard mall to get to as the New Jersey turnpike and surrounding roads are crazy busy, especially with trucks and buses.
    I would never drive that way by myself.
  6. MJ, Did you ever get the PM that I sent you long ago?
  7. Yes I did but I didn't know how to p. M. You back. I still don't. Thank you very much for that info back then.
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