No more blues :) What a wonderful DH! Pic

  1. So, as some of you know I was a little blue yesterday (actually most of the week)...for no good reason...but I was.

    After I got the kids off this morning I went for a long swim, spent some time on tPF, and went shopiing :smile: DH called while I was out and said take your time, have fun, grab a bite to eat...the boys have hockey tonight anyway, so I'll pick them up...just enjoy yourself!

    Nice guy, was happy shopping home to this. :yahoo:

    No wonder I :heart: him.

  2. oooh that's soo sweet of your DH. Sorry you were having the blues, I get like that sometimes. Wow all of your favorite goodies. Even the gossip mags:graucho: Those chear me up by themselves:roflmfao: Seems like the celebs lives are more messed up then my own:lol: Makes me feel better, (I know I'm mean)
  3. Awww, what a sweet man!:heart:

    Now. . . what's in those boxes?
  4. aww, i definantely want to marry a guy like that.. consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky ahha. OPEN THEM BOXES!! lets see whats inside haha
  5. What a sweet heart!!!!!!! Amazing hubby... and whaddya get!!
  6. How sweet!!! What's in those boxes?:nuts:
  7. O.K were all dyin' over here, whats in the boxes????
  8. Sorry, I went on a bit of a LV shopping spree myself :shame: So I was doing pics of that!

    Didn't know he was going to do that...

    From DH, 2 Hermes pocket squares, 1 tiffany heart toggle bracelet and LV Book, The Birth of Modern Luxuries.

    Thanks everyone, for your kind words :love:
  9. that's so cool! congrats!
  10. Lucky lady!
  11. Very sweet! Husbands are the best next to kids.
  12. oh that is so sweet of him!!!! lucky girl:girlsigh:
  13. How sweet of him!

    Too sweet! :yes:
  15. What a lovely man! :biggrin:

    You're very lucky. :yes: