No More Birkins On The Floor!!!!!

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  2. Love the hook. Great idea to use it for other bags too.
  3. Baggaholic...OMG..this is soooo old. You have never seen it before?

    At the finer restaurants and hotels they use them because they know women don't want their bags on the floor considering how much they pay. Some places even have "CHAIRS" that they pull up so you can put your purse on its own chair.
  4. I dubbed it as the bag chair. It's usually found at the finer dining restaurants.:amuse:
  5. My mother had one of those from the 1960s.... so practical and they really work. I wish she still had it, I remember it had a mother-of-pearl disc, and the bottom was soft suede or felt. She always kept it in her bag.
  6. Those things are cool if and whenever I get my Kelly or Birkin I'll def need to get one of those
  7. Baggaholic, she's a wonderful seller!
  8. Nope :roflmfao: totally a newbie at this one! I never got offered a hook and no one has ever pulled up a chair for any of my bags. Then again I just got my Birkins!!!!!
  9. Purse holders are a great idea, I carry one with me every day. I have one that I purchased from Bluefly last year, that is really compact the 'hook' is a thick link that wraps around the disc for storage.

    I also have a Leopard with emerald eyes, that I purchased from a few years ago. He's my special occasion purse holder. Their frog is great, and they also have one that looks like a Kelly shape.

  10. Thanks for this infor Baggaholic! I want one!
  11. Its a new thing for me too, I have never heard of them but am now facinated! Would they hold your bag even if you bag was quite heavy?
  12. I bought one of these and although they're a great idea, I do have one concern. The metal rod is a bit thin, IMHO, and I would be concerned if I place the handles/strap on it since it tends to make a dent into the leather. I have used mine a couple of times but not without placing a folded napkin or hankie to cushion the handles! Just a little tip!
  13. I just bought one from eBay that Baggaholic posted!

    Otingocni - Thanks for the tip. My concern also is since the one end seems to be sharp, I hope I don't poke myself on it when I'm sitting down. Also I'm not sure if the one I bought has a sleeper bag. If not then I need to cover the purse hook in cloth inside my bag so it doesn't scratch the inside of my bag.
  14. Yes.

    Depending on the maker of your purse hook, you have to see how the hook handles the can make a mark after a while. Some hooks are better then others.
  15. You're welcome, LaVan! The one I bought from eBay seller "pretty_mia" came with a sleeper bag, so no worries when I put it inside my purse!