No more beckham......

  1. I recently was watching soccer and saw him run out on the field and i said out loud " who the F*** is that is absolutley gorgeous....screw beckham bring it onnnnn.....hahahahaa" i turned over and looked and my boyfriend was shaking his head laughing.......

    .......His name is Christiano Ronaldo he is seriously a panty melter....forget beckham forget the blond hair blue eyes.............BRING on the the tall, dark, chiseled features, and a body that litteraly makes panty's melt.

    here he is..
  2. *lol*

    I dislike both... :lol::lol::lol: :king:
  3. you know what's funny.....I went out with this british girl yesterday and as soon as I mentioned his name she was like " I ****en hate that wanker" in the hardest british accent I've ever heard.....of course I am canadian so she proceeded to explain what a wanker was.....hhahahhaha I love him thoe...I heard he can be a total jackass, stuck up so on and on...WHo CaReS!!!...tkae your shirt off!! hhhaaha
  4. :roflmfao: Yeah, England hates this guy now :roflmfao:
    I was cheering for Portugal, but mainly because of Figo :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  5. I know I was cheering for england .......but I had to hope for him to tak off his shirt...(now I feel like a pervert) haahah
  6. Figo..hmm never noticed him before....he seems like the older charming type....yikes 3 daughters!!! ....
  7. i f-ingg hate ronaldo lol. to me he's just a whiny prettyboy. who is a goddamn traitor and better hope to never even look near the UK again. whats the point of his looks when he is a total *******. running to the ref like he was his mommy "aww mommy the team is better then me, i dont like my teammate take him out wahh" then blows a rasberry at rooney. hate his f-ingg guts lol. and his obnoxiously huge and painfully pointy adams apple. joe cole all the way!
  8. obnoxious dick makes my blood boil.. to me a guy is attractive not only with his looks but the way he is. and compared to peter crouch he makes peter look like Adonis.
  9. Agreed. Atleast Beckham has a little more class on the field.
  10. those beady eyes and that adams apple ::shudder:: (from disgust). oh great im getting angry again lol, i should go look at more handbags that always makes me feel better..till i want them lol.
  11. poor guy, i really felt for him at that press conference.
  12. awww hahahahaa......I still think he's gorgeous!!!...I dont really know any of the other soccer players...but for now I will keep my eye on him!
  13. my name is aarti and i have a problem. i am pointy adams apple phobic.
  14. ronaldo's gorgeous. :graucho:
  15. i dunno - i think beckham is totally HOT!