No more Balenciaga Shopping Forum

  1. The point in creating the "Achtung, Balenciaga" section was to have a useful, peaceful, decent resource for Bbag lovers to get help in finding the bag of their dreams.

    In recent weeks, nothing but drama came from that corner of tPF, which is why I have decided to close it down. If only half the accusations are true, it is simply not viable for us to run that section on here.

    I shall consider bringing it back in one way or another, for now, there's no more of that.
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry that trouble occurred! I loved having a place to view B-bag gems, and truly I had no idea there was any drama whatsoever. I will miss it badly. May I ask what the problem was, is there anything that we did wrong?
  3. Dear Moderators,

    Please consider that while there has been some drama coming out of the Achtung thread, the vast majority of the thread's users benefit greatly from its content without contributing to any negativity.

    I hope you can find a way to reinstate the thread, maybe with some new rules, so that we all can continue to benefit from its original intent. As the fakes get better and better, we do need a bulletin board of sorts for the real ones.

    How about a thread that allows a poster to post just a subject line and a link, but closes automatically so there is no opportunity for back-and-forth comment? This would live up to Achtung's original intent without allowing room for the problems that made you shut it down.

  4. Bummer. :crybaby:
  5. Dear Moderators,

    I'm writing in hopes that you will please consider reinstating the Achtung Thread. It truly was a wonderful source for those looking for an authentic Balenciaga. And yes, there were some issues, but I think, all in all it was a VERY helpful, friendly and educational source.

    I was able to purchase some wonderful Balenciaga bags with the help of the thread and fellow Purse Forum members. I think that Highglossfinish had a wonderful idea of just being able to post a quick comment/subject and the link and eliminating the ability to comment.

    Thank you all for being on top of the issues/problems that arise in the forum. I hope that after some consideration, the Achtung thread will reopen.
  6. RIP Achtung :crybaby:
  7. We all need a reminder to keep ourselves in check every now and then.
  8. I hope that the mods will reconsider too. It's a shame to lose such a valuable resource, especially since most of the posts are helpful, friendly, and without drama.
  9. May I ask why all the drama was allowed to continue for so long without anyone stepping in to remove threads or posts? It was a bit alarming to read some threads that went on for so long with people bashing each other with no comments from Mods. Just wondering....

    I'll miss the Achtung section! This may actually be good for my budget!
  10. Auchtung section was my favorite too. That was the first place i would go to, every morning before i did any thing else. I will miss it too.:crybaby:
  11. Long Live Auchtung Balenciaga!!

  12. Me too Nanaz!! I looked to Auchtung before even reading emails, the news, or anything!!

    Bummer it's gone. I can't imagine how the positives didn't outweigh the negatives 100-fold...oh well...:shrugs:
  13. That's what I do too, I will be missing it so much :crybaby:
  14. I'm so depressed!!!
  15. This is sad. I had just started visiting this thread and had found it tremendously resourceful. It's sad to see it go and hopefully with new rules imposed in the future, this thread will find itself again.