No more AWL?

  1. well i've sent a question to their customer service before and have gotten no response. i sent them the following:

    i've tried contacting customer service on a less serious note, but this is a question i'd appreciate answered.
    i was wondering if the All Weather Leather line was discontinued, or if there will be more AWL in the future.
    thank you in advance.

    the first letter i sent i sadly didn't save. it was cheerful and happy. i hope they respond lol! if they don't i'm gonna call and ask because if they discontinued it i have to go soon to the outlet and TJMaxx and clean them out lol
  2. Maybe I should talk to a customer service person on Monday.
  3. Well, maybe they realized people did not like the newer ones? I like the pebbled Dooneys thus far. I kind of got turned off by the newer AWL (mentioned in another post).

    Or Maybe Dooney has run out of webspace and have temporarily taken them down?
  4. I just put my AWL black vintage shoulder bag on eBay. I never used so I put up for auction. I didnt realize they weren't making anymore?
  5. I have a few of the pebbled leather Dooneys (Drawstring...LOVE THEM!). I hope they don't discontinue their AWL line since the styling is much more classic than some of their other lines.
  6. I LOVE AWL. The only place I can find it now is eBay.

    Not really a fan of their newer stuff, but the "wiener dog" bag and the madras print is pretty.

  7. I just got back from Von Maur in MI and they have a huge selection of AWL bags....Lots of the other stuff too, but a really nice selection.