No more 1 or 3 day auctions on ebay! READ!

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  1. I just got off the phone with eBay support and for any listings that have to do with handbags or related items (wallets, keychains, coin purses) you will NOT be allowed to list those items for 1 or 3 days. I tried to relist a wallet and it would only accept 5+ day auction time frame.

    It has to do with counterfeit/trademark issues.

    Heres the most important thing the cs guy told me, effective immediately random auctions will be pulled and eBay will require faxes of your receipts or proof that the item is in your possession!

    They are monitoring pictures, descriptions, titles, etc.

    Many of us had this issue with PayPal holding our funds and asking for receipts! Well, eBay is doing this now also.

    When I tried to relist my wallet on the 24th because it didnt sell, I got a message saying I exceeded my listings over a 7 day period. hmmm! Unusal because I listed 3 bags and 7 auctions for BASKETS! Live help was NO help at all, I finally got thru today.

    If youre a seller you will run into these issues now. Power seller status means crap (It never meant anything to me) and feedback means nothing also. He said they will not view feedback...

    so get ready sellers...the nightmare is beginning.:cursing:

    ebays phone # 800-717-3229
    Silver Power Seller # 866-515-3229
  2. I just finished listing a Tiffany & Co. hand painted item, tried for 3 days but was bounced out, went for 5, am assuming this is for all items from certain makers, not just bags-also got the message the listing would take a while to be visible to all...then listed another item and had no issues at all-they have also double billed my seller's fees, so I've spent the (virtual) day with them...and then they have the nerve to say, "Thanks for choosing ebay"-believe me, if I had a choice I would be GONE! Good luck to all in 2007!!!
  3. I didnt ask about other items, but I know Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Fendi and Chanel are the big ones.

    Its gonna be a nightmare from now on...I am sooo glad all I have left o sell is a wallet. I'm gonna make sure I am careful about my purchases, unless I know I'm gonna buy it and keep it I wont purchase it. I dont want tohave to worry about selling issues later on...yikes.

    hating ebay more and more with every passing minute.

  4. someone should start up a new bag-based auction site with no fees. requirements include good-standing membership at tPF :smile:
  5. it even applies to Coach & Dooney products as I listed some wallets/wristlets roughly a week ago and had to wait out the 5 day listing instead of the usual 3 day listings that i normally use.
  6. That is because your account is restricted. You need to request it to be unrestricted.
  7. yes I know my account was restricted, thats how I found out about all of this. They have lifted my restrictions, but the damage was done and they lost me as a a seller. I also might add that it was because someone reported MY listing to ebay as a trademark infringment/selling counterfeit items. Which I never have done or condone and my feedback speaks for itself. Most of my buyers are PFers.

    I listed my wallet and then canceled the listing. I decided I can sell it elsewhere (or just keep it). I will continue to buy on ebay, but I wont sell anymore.
  8. How did you go about getting your restrictions lifted?
    I e-mailed them and I was told that they would be keeping my restrictions in place despite the fact that I've settled the dispute directly with Rock & Republic.

    Oh...premium denim is a target too, apparently.
  9. Well at the time they restricted me, my listing had already ended with buyers a few days before. The only high end bags I had were my Chloe Tekla (which finally sold). The others were a Dooney and Coach Hobo. The other 6 or so listings were Longaberger baskets.

    It was when I tried to relist my wallet that I discovered it.

    They received 17 emails from me, and 6 phone calls. They reviewed my listing and I guess were satisfied that I stated everything was from my own collection, authenticity was guaranteed, etc.

    I dont even have anything left to sell! The bags I have I dont plan on sell at all. But they lost me as a seller. I wont sell on ebay anymore. It used to be fun for me and I looked forward to it. Not anymore.