No Mono?

  1. So clearly the Monogram (classic, MC, mini, lin, whatever) is far and away the most popular Louis Vuitton style. I don't dislike the monogram (although I usually find it to feminine on bags I'm interested in) but I've noticed that in my (admittedly small) collection I don't have any monogram items, and am not really interested in picking any up. My very first LV was Epi, and since then I've added a Taiga wallet and a few Damier pieces to my collection. Am I the only person who own NO monogram at all?

    (Of course I would LOVE to get my hands on a graffiti keepall, but that's pretty doubtful in the foreseeable future. Although I *may* be tempted to pick up a Groom agenda . . .)
  2. show your collection again! I can't remember what you have.

    I LOVE monogram but I am trying to get other things, not so much get away from it but I love the mix and match look of collections
  3. I have a no mono policy.. its too over exploited these days so I'd rather just stay away.
  4. I only get LE item with mono for the most part, other than maybe a few accessories (wapity, wallet etc) everything else is from olther lines, its just too boring now and every1 has it (90% of the time a fake though!:hysteric:).
  5. I only own monogram.. so I guess I'm the antithesis ! :yes:
  6. I love the monogram but find there is to many of them so i like damier.
  7. I only carry the Damier line....the brown color does it for me...

    I really never liked the Mono...although it is a chic looking pattern and looks really nice...but dont want to carry anything that screams a brand name that loud....I just cant do it. And I like that only familar people tend to recongnize the Damier. And the pattern....chocolate brown and checkers.....I luv luv it!!! Cant get enough....its a problem:sweatdrop:
  8. im the same,i would only get the speedy in mono,but i wont get a wallet or anything like that,i prefer the mc line,vernis or the damier azur...
  9. I'm trying to move away from mono (unless it's a design I really really like) & more into Epi because I just like the subtle look of it and the durability of course.
  10. SO FAR, i only own monogram bags (mono, MC, and very soon onatah cuir which I guess also belongs to the monogram family.....), but I do see azur and epi in the very near future!
    Also....I personally PREFER men to own non-monogram bags.....cuz it's just too flashy for them. Wait....I take that back..... I PREFER GUYS WITH NO LOUIS BAGS AT ALL! haha.....iono.... i'm weird...... I don't mind women with LVs, but I'd like guys to be more "down-to-earth"..........
  11. Lee Lee's aka Manolo Maven collection consists of Limited Edition bags. She's the only one I can think of.

    As for me I have a few Mono, but I like to have a mix.
  12. Well I started out with monogram so it's still near and dear to my heart.
    I do have variations on the mono family though (MC, Vernis, a mono denim LE bag, Graffiti, some of the other limited run items, etc.)
  13. Mono Canvas doesn't have the same appeal to me now as when i was just starting a few years ago. though i still use my Keepall when travelling and my Abbesses when it's raining :shame: and i never liked Multicolour - ever. in fact, all of the LV bags i've bought this year aren't Monogrammed.
  14. I love mono

  15. Not alone. My first was also an epi. :jammin: Didn't pick any mono up until just a few months ago. I still only own one mono piece :yes: !
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