No money in PP account

  1. So, I've never really had this problem before except for the time when some random person charged my PP account $500. Of course I didn't have that much in my account so it took money out of my bank account. Will the same thing happen if I purchase something that is more than what I have in my PP account on eBay?

    Also will there be a fee if they use money in my bank account?

  2. go see what your default is.
    You chose a back up funding source when you set up your account. Mine is my credit card.
  3. There's no paypal fee when you buy something, regardless of what source of funding you use. Sellers pay the brunt of the fees... You will pay a fee if you want to withdraw your paypal balance and have them send you a check. If you transfer ito your bank account, though, there's no charge.

  4. This is correct :tup:
  5. Okay, great. I was just making sure that it wasn't like a debit card when you go over the amount that you have in your account and get fined for it. Thanks!