No mini / nano bag?

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  1. With all the mini / nano bag trend that can hardly fit a wallet and lipstick permeating all brands, I wonder if there is any BV bag catering to this trend?

    I know there is Iron small and Baby Olympia, but both bags look like 'normal', usable small bag, instead of the teeny tiny trend.

    If BV decides not to entertain this trend, well, kudos for them. It seems they really into something practical and usable (and of great quality that can stand the test of time...)
  2. BV has always had the baby bag and the baby veneta

  3. And Septembersiren mentioned, there was the Baby Veneta, which is a mini version of the Veneta. There is also a small Roma that comes with a strap. Not sure if it's called a Mini or a Small. I don't know how small a bag would need to be to be categorized as a nano bag. I don't think the Disco Bag counts as nano, either.

    Oh, there was also a custom made Baby Cabat in Peltro. Belonging to the parent company president's wife, I believe. That was so cute and adorable. I think many of us wish that BV would make those. They may be more affordable that way, too. :smile: And also continue making the Mini Cabats. The Mini was about the size of the Bella, so it isn't a nano bag.

    I wouldn't mind if BV brought back the Baby Veneta. They could make Baby Cervo Hobos. Meant to be handheld and not put on the shoulder. Maybe a nano sized convertible bag. It would be fun if they could make more charms. Such as playful animals or mini charms of their iconic bags, for instance. To attach to keychains, lanyards, handbags, and nano bags. They used to make animal shaped coin purses. And tiny coin purses on a strap. Very cute. I adore metallics, so little bags and charms in those would be like a dream for me.
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  4. It was his Mother
    His wife is Salma Hayek

  5. That's right. I thought his father, the founder, ran the company, but no longer.

    I wonder if Salma is still carrying her BVs. I always enjoyed seeing her outfits and accessories. Especially when they involved BV.
  6. ah!!!! Mini veneta is the tiny one, riht? I saw one in reseller here, and really wonder what is it intended to. Too small for current smartphone, right?
  7. Wow, great thread! I'd love to see pictures of the bags that have come in small sizes . I got the disco and I think it is tiny and cute, but not like a miniatured version of a satchel or hobo.
  8. I have the older cosmetic bag, which looks like a mini Veneta. The top of the strap snaps together. This little bag holds a lot of stuff. I use to use it for evenings out. I have it in Nero, Ebano & Ivory.
  9. who, sounds so cool! can I see a pic, please?
  10. I can't do pictures, I don't even have an IPhone.

    I did find the mini Veneta on Fashionphile in violet. It's listed as a cosmetic bag, the SA told me that was the original use for the bag. But people bought them to use as bags. Fashionphile has some good pictures of this cute little Veneta. I bought mine in '02 & '03. The violet shows a tag from '09.

    Also Real Real has 2 for sale - ivory & ebano. This bag holds as much as a pillow and is under $500.

    I hope this helps.
  11. If it's the one I'm thinking of, yes. I had one in Azzenzio. Very cute.

    I'm not a mini/nano fan. The Disco is as small as I'm likely to get.
  12. G -
    Does this mini Veneta look like the Iron bag with a longer strap?

    I'm thinking it's about the same size. Don't have an Iron but thinking about getting one.
  13. The mini-Veneta I referred to was basically a pancake-sized version of the classic veneta hobo. It looks like this

    I'm aware of the precursor to the current Iron. I want to say it was a hair smaller than the current Iron. I have the current small Iron and it's a great little bag. Holds a surprising amount but feels light and feminine.
  14. Yes, it's the one I saw in reseller here (but the one I saw is the special one, with the colorful thread on it, like the one I saw in the special veneta reference thread). It's more a wristlet, right>
  15. Yes, it is more of a wristlet, I think. I attach a picture of a large veneta and the mini. ( I don't own either anymore due to the color being too difficult for me to maintain). The mini is a pretty little bag, but without room for much more than keys and iPhone. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465583971.067118.jpg