No messenger...

  1. What LV bag would you recommend for a guy? but i really HATE Messenger bags..
  2. A big tote, a good example would be some of the bags from the fall collection 2006.

    Or, for something smaller, the dragonne clutch in epi.
  3. I hated messengers before aswell but now I realized they r really practical
    couguar damier geant, shoe bag tobago
  4. Damier Bastille or DG Loup?
  5. What about the Utah Mohican tote? I tried this on at the store and had a hard time putting it back because it was soo gorgeous and soft :drool: Or what about the Montsouris ($1,100) or Bosphore ($1,180) backpack? I'm thinking about SO'ing a Montsouris in Damier next year.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The new LV cup Tourmentin tote is nice as well (but huge) $975
  6. as of last year, it's all been totes for me! my recs: Geant Couguar, Utah Mohican and of course, the Tobago Shoe Bag :drool:
  7. i think the new conga bags are hot

    they look like the messenger but with the netting they take on a whole different feel imho