No Meat Fridays...Suggestions for Meals?

  1. Anyone else staving off meat on Fridays for Lent? If so, what do you eat?
  2. I've been bad at planning so far this year and we gave up pizza for lent (ack!!) but on ash wednesday I made tuna burgers and sweet potato fries (so good!!) and tonight we had gorgonzaola and walnut tortellini with pesto and grilled asparagus. (Tonight caught me by surprise- I had the past few days off work and totally forgot it was friday- was planning on making chicken and had to come up with something)

    But yeah, usually fish if I remember to get some. If we dont have some protein with dinner we end up too snacky later on.
  3. I dont eat meat period. But how about Tofu ?
  4. Try pasta with olive oil, smoked mozzerella and pan seared walnuts.

    There's egg salad sandwiches . . .

    You could do a panini but don't use ham. Just cheese.

    Vegetarian lasagne.

    Here's a link for meatless recipes: Meatless Recipes at
  5. What about meat alternatives? There are tons of really good tvp sloppy joes, veggie burgers, spicy mock chicken patties...
  6. You could try manicotti or ravioli or lasagna, baked ziti, etc. The ricotta provides great protein or you can use Morningstar Farms veggie crumblers.
  7. Tuna salad with egg,mayo,relish,onion salt,pepper and parika on honey wheat. Subway seafood and crab or tuna sandwiches, Lobster bisque, shrimp pizza, pasta and alfredo sauce with peas and large shrimp pre sauteed and mixed in. Blackened tuna with a creamy sauce, sushi, clam chowder. I could go on and on-Catholic from birth,lol!
  8. we had tempura for ash wednesday. other suggestions: how about salmon teriyaki, vegetable curry, vegetarian lasagna, sweet and sour fish, fish curry, fried noodles w/ egg,tofu,&veggies...and many more...
  9. Trader Joes also has this amazing tasting frozen chimmichura rice with no meat-yum!(warning-must like cilantro!)
  10. Mmmmmm... fish fry.. mmmm....
  11. I believe you can eat fish on Friday though, am I correct? Are you a fish family?

    You can make a big vegetable soup - have beans...

    We always make a Hungarian dish with cabbage and noddles- so yummie!
  12. Seafood, eggs, and pizza or pasta or typical Friday meals during Lent for me.
  13. Barilla Plus angel hair + shrimps + broccoli + snow peas + red pepper + onion in a white wine sauce!!
  14. Spaghetti, hummus and pita, baked potato and veggies, potato salads, pasta of any kind...fettuchini alfredo, veggie hotdog or hamburger w/ fries, soups, pizza!!! hehe spinach dip, baked ziti, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, hash brown casserole, cheese and baguette.

    Why not have breakfast for of my favs. :smile: i know alot of southerners think I'm really weird for eating eggs, hash browns, cheese slices and toast for dinner, but I love it.
  15. Look in cookbooks for egg dishes. Joy of Cooking and many French cookbooks have great recipes.

    Quiche, fritatta, souffle, savory custards and flans.

    The dishes don't have to be high calorie. Substitute out some of the egg yolks and add more egg white. Use non-fat milk instead of whole, etc.

    French cooking tip:
    For fluffy eggs, add 1/2 teaspoon of water for every egg to the bowl before beating.

    Bon appetit!