no mc more bandeau??

  1. I would like to buy the white mc bandeau..but when i went on elux to check out the prices..i could not find the bandeau...but im deciding on the bandeau,mini-scarf or bandana.
    If you guys have them can you post pics of them on you so i can see the sizes?
    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. no worries, elux is constantly updating their website as items become more available in stock, and things run out of stock. they're probably currently out of stock. check back in a day or two. they restock pretty quickly. or call the 800 number and ask.

    someone could also have just added it to their cart and not purchased it yet also.
  3. but i dont buy from elux,i only check the prices..i live in canada,so they dont ship to here..but they are still availeble at the stores right?do you guys know the price of the bandeau?
  4. i know you can't buy, but i'm saying, the website does this because it's a dynamic website (constantly changing). when someone ELSE puts it in their shopping cart, it disappears from the inventory list when you try to see the price. it doesn't disappear off the face of the planet, and it doesn't disappear off of the louis vuitton production line as the item is pretty new.

    which is why i said what i said, and i even explained to you why it happens.

    so if you want, you can check back later, or in a day or two and the item will be back where it was before and you can check the prices then.

    also note: just because something disappears off the elux list doens't mean it's not sold in stores. elux only shows/sells what's popular from LV on the site.. the boutiques sell far more than elux does.

  5. I'm trying to resize a picture for you, but I'm having some problems. I have the white MC bandeau, and I usually wear it as a headband. Hold on and I'll keep trying for ya ;)
  6. oh okay sorry...i guess i was a little worried so i did not realy read carefully:smile:

  7. It was 3500NT in Taiwan... so about 105 dollars in US currency??

  8. THANK YOU loll
  9. that sounds about right.. the regular mc bandana is 140 usd
  10. i dont even know what color looks best,in black or white...i should realy visit LV soon
  11. Ok, here's the picture.... sorry the picture quality is quite bad because I had to keep cropping it and resizing it until it FINALLY was small enough :P


  12. Well, you have dark hair like me... and if you plan on wearing on your head, then the white should be the best, because it will have the most contrast with your hair :idea:
  13. Also I think the white MC looks more cute and young, as well as goes with more clothing. I can pretty much wear it with anything =)
  14. yeah i do have dark hair :smile: it looks soo pretty.Im mostly gonna wear it on my buying it for my trip to cuba in january :smile:
  15. I have the black MC bandeau. I prefer the black one as it matches more of my clothing. I love wearing it on my hair with a black top and jeans! Also around my neck and on my black epi alma. It's more wintery. The white is more summery imo.