No Marigold Make-ups at BalNY?

  1. I just got off the phone with my SA at BalNY because I wanted to be put on the lists for Marigold MU and Grape coin. I'm on for the coin but she said they're not going to be getting the Make-up in Marigold. :confused1: But I thought a couple of PFers were on the lists for that already? How sad because I think that would be the perfect size for that color. Does that mean it's not being made? Or can I get it in Paris maybe? Don't think they take names for waitlists...

    On an unrelated topic (except that it's Bal, of course) does anyone treat ALL their handles with For Handles Only? Like should I be treating my Cafe handles? They're pretty dark already... TIA.
  2. Hmm, They confirmed to me that they will be in fact getting a Make up in Marigold (and I managed to get the top spot).

    Perhaps all the ones they are getting are already accounted?

    Try HGBAGS - think she's getting some, not 100% sure
  3. that's what I thought, ICB! I knew you were on... Weird. I thought waitlists were kind of a rolling thing, not a fixed you-have-to-buy it thing, so why would they say they're not getting it just because the waitlist is full? oh well.

    I'll contact HGBags - thanks! :smile:
  4. It's possible that they are only receiving two - I'm definitely getting mine and perhaps the other person is getting hers as well.

    Or perhaps you were just given the wrong info.
  5. preferably the latter and she might have talked to that SA with a condenscing tone/attitude:mad:

    next time, i will get her name and talk to the store manager.
  6. It's definitely being made. Bal NY just must not have ordered it.