No Magic at Macy's

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  1. Since Macy's didn't have the Bonnie tote I've been lusting after at the sale yesterday, I headed down to the Coach boutique to pick up some accessories:


    The madison op art ikat wristlet, tatoo, and whale key fobs!
  2. They are all very beautiful :biggrin: Are you going to start using them right away?
  3. Very cute! I especially love the whale :love:
  4. oooooo, too cute!
  5. The whale is adorable. Congrats on the new goodies.
  6. cute accessories!! :biggrin:
  7. TOO cute! I love that tattoo fob!!
  8. Yay, we're wristlet twins! I love the navy ikat! So unique! Your charms are beautiful as well. I seriously am on a purse charm high right now thanks to leatherprince and the Coachie charms being made.
  9. Way cute. Love them

  10. I started using them the moment I got them:P Does anyone having any tips on how to get a pic to fit into the fob?
  11. adorable pieces. the whale will look great attached to the navy ikat wristelt. the blues match perfectly. i really like the tattoo picture frame keyfob; it looks great will everything because of the grey. maybe you can go to a photo lab at your local pharmacy, like walgreens. they might be able to shrink it down enough to fit. :shrugs:
  12. Sweet. I have the tattoo Fob and I love it
  13. Such fun accessories!
  14. I love your accessories! I just ordered the Ikat wristlet to go with my large Ikat Sabrina!