No LVoe for South Coast Plaza!!!

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  1. I will try, try, to make this brief but I am still a little miffed.:cursing:
    Went to SCP Plaza yesterday with the DH to check it out. We did not get help until someone noticed I had a Sophie bag and wanted to know how I got it. We saw the look book but wasn't allowed any photo ops. Came away really liking the Dentelle Pouchette, Rivet bags, cloud bags, and denim accessories-but not the prices of the rivet bags. Colour of the Pomme D'amour Vernis is gorgeous!! BUT They had NONE of the Valentine's items on display and the INVENTORY MANAGER who was helping us said they did not even have a Valentine's brochure for us to look at. She said that they had not been sent out yet...?? Wha..?? Hubby even knew she was full of it. She said that MAYBE some of the items would be at the trunk show if we wanted to come back on Tuesday or I could waitlist if there was something I wanted. I let her know that I didn't have much luck with their waitlist and because of that we shop at most of the other LV stores. She had the nerve to tell me that unless you deal with a particular SA at their store alot that will "fight for you" that you may have a hard time......:cursing: Then she had more nerve and offered to have me waitlist again. Wha...??? Even hubby was pissed and did not want to buy anything there yesterday.
  2. I feel you... two weeks ago, I drove 50 miles to SCP for a bag they indicated they had. My SA was not in and had to deal with a snobby SA, even my boys noticed her attitude and were uncomfortable. I then drove 75 miles from SCP to Rodeo where I met a wonderful PS/SA. I returned four times in one week and each time there was a limited item I was looking for, she ALWAYS took care of me. I no longer care to shop at SCP LV, I'd rather take the drive at Rodeo. They are all REALLY nice. Can't say the same for SCP LV:s ...
  3. Yes I agree! SCP not worth it, at least LV, I do get good service at Chanel.\But for LV I go to Saks, NM or drive to Beverly HIlls.
  4. Yea, SCP LV is eh IMO. There was one really nice SA there that helped me once but thats also the store where I came across a real snotty SA.
  5. Yeah SCP isn't THE greatest. They're always so busy, I prefer to deal with a store where I can leisurely shop not be pushed through the store, then pay, then be pushed out the door.
  6. You're right, the SAs at Saks/LV are much nicer....
  7. I agree...Although Rodeo also gets busy, I don't feel like a number when paying. The SA let's me know when I'm next rather than shouting your name aloud like they do at SCP...They might as well shout...NEEEXXXTTT!!!
  8. I'm still so mad I don't even want to go back for the trunk show tomorrow!! I usually don't go there but it is sooo close to my house. UGH!! Rodeo drive was just too far to go on a sunday with traffic. Anyways, I forgot to mention that SCP did have some Fuschia denim bags on display if anyone is looking. Just have it transferred to a different store!! Also-VERY CUTE kids clothes and sneakers with new diaper bags coming soon!!!!!!!!!
  9. maybe this is why i've never liked the boutique experience at SCP. The 2 times that I've been in there, I actually bought something but I made it really easy since I had already known what I was looking for and didn't really need to browse. However, both SA's (2 different people) were not so interactive. It was as if I was just another customer at a regular retail store.
  10. I have a great relationship with SCP, have always been treated well & my SA usually takes my purchase right up to the counter. He makes sure I rarely wait for my purchase to be rung up & there is any wait at all he will usually keep me company & talk about what's coming in or just chat about the lovely bags we've seen.The other SA's are generally sweet too, the small leather goods manager is a doll!! :love:
    Only one bad experience happened to me & it wasn't a case of waiting or being treated rudely, just a startling thing done by one SA that I have never dealt with before or seen in the store since.

    I feel bad that so many members have had bad experiences at SCP,it is generally a nice place.
  11. I don't really like SCP LV, *but* out of fairness, I will say this: I've met one extremely pleasant person. Don't remember her name, but I was talking with her over the phone. Everything else (going in person and speaking over the phone) has been kinda eh.
  12. I agree!! Rodeo is SO nice and I enjoyed my one and only experience up there. And I like how the register is more hidden in that store.
    I remember when I got my mom's stuff for Christmas at SCP..they bag your stuff up, then call you to get your CC, then do the receipt, then call you again for your bags. That's not how I like to shop.
  13. I have only purchased items from the Century City store thus far. (Ryan is the BEST!!!!!!!!!)
    I REFUSE to purchase items from their Beverly Center store.
    Their Rodeo store...I have not yet made a purchase from that location as of yet. Mainly because I love dealing w/ Ryan in Century City.
  14. I hate going to SCP also..they all seem so snotty and kinda just stare at you.
  15. Yikes, I would not like to have my name called out loud when buying something there. I'd feel like everyone would be staring at me. When I end up buying something, they usually lead me to a chair or sofa to sit and wait while they get things packed up. Then they come over and hand me the package and usually walk me to the door. So much friendlier and it makes the experience that much nicer.