NO LV pieces are made in China, correct??

  1. I was over on the Coach board, and there was talk that some LV pieces are being assembled in CHINA!! This is not true, right?? Right??:confused1: :crybaby:
  2. not true
  3. OK Good...I didn't think so but I was still getting worried LOL
  4. Only fake one made in there..I know coach made in China
  5. nooooo, i know LV has factory in Spain, France, USA and i think Italy too but def not in china
  6. fakes come from there
  7. OK thats what I thought. Thanks, guys.:smile:
  8. At this time, no, they are not made in China.
  9. No I saw some MADE IN CHINA COACH at the store guys! I was really really impressed. you can call any stores and you will see.
  10. I hope some of those Coach girls don't have an LV that says, "Made in China!"
  11. Nope, no LV from China :smile:
  12. Although I'm Chinese myself, I get really pissed sometimes when I find out that a designer item I bought was made in China. When my boyfriend bought my D&G sunglasses for my birthday, I saw "made in China" and freaked out...but it was ordered from an eyecare centre so it was definitely real.

    Anyways, glad that LV has no factories in China...yet. If they ever have factories in China, I don't know if designer brands are worth the money any more!!
  13. in a few years alot of designers will be moving their production to china. Giorgio Armani has, his clothing anyways. Prada already has (or is beginning to) I think...this is from an article i read last year.

    in a few years it will say "made in CHine" hehehe
  14. anything from China is fake! :P
  15. no so far there isn't anything made from China that's LV.. Athough sometimes when I hear these remarks is kinda upsets me.. i certainly understand WHY people ask and have negative responses when told that something is Made in China, afterall, China is the mecca of all fakes.. but on the other hand.. what if Quality control was better in China, and companies did decide to start producing there? Would people still have the same negative reaction?

    I'm sorry to seem so 'political', I'm not trying to start anything up.. It's just something that I was thinking about..