No lv forum, what will you get done now ?

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  1. Well i see they are closed Feb 20th, 2007 until Feb 23rd, 2007

    So for the next 3 days what are you going to get done instead of viewing LV sub forum?

    I will get my bathroom painted.. its been waiting the last coat for a days now.
    I will get this big pile of clothes from my closet sorted through.
    I will get my dusting done, and living room and kitchen back in order.

    I have been on a rage for the last month painting, upgrading things around my house *bathroom/kitchen and living room* now i have to put it all back in order.

    I'll even get my 90 mins in at the gym..each day :yahoo:

    What about you ?
  2. i kinda browse all over the board anyway, have only been jumping in the LV forum lately since i'm trying to clean my speedy trim/handles.
  3. I think we should all go shopping so that we have something to post when the forum opens up again! :smile:
  4. :sad: that's a long time.. 3 days.. I guess I'll get my house projects done.
  5. Are you using baby wipes ?

    I just noticed tonight that my newly purchased Lockit H has rub off (colr transfer) from my jacket. I'm not happy.

    Im not sure how to get it off as my jacket is black. Its only along the bottom where the bag rubs on my back (if that makes sense) I hope that when the bag starts to patina its not noticable, so for now i've switched bags.

    I guess i'll get getting a new coat for next winter.. perhaps white :smile:

  6. LOL that sounds like a plan :smile:

    You sounds like me... thats what i'll be doing.
  7. We'll just take this forum over, obvs.
  8. I always browse around though~Coach, Chanel, BV, Hermes, and Celebs section...I love bags, so there are still a lot of bags that I am interesting~
  9. Go back to lurking at TZ & pricescope...and finally update my Myspace page! :roflmfao:
  10. ^^ that works :smile:
  11. oh what happened?!?!?
  12. Feb 20th, 2007 until Feb 23rd, 2007 Vlad vbmenu_register("postmenu_21", true);
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    Dear tPFers,
    the LV section is undergoing an early spring clean up and will be available soon again.

    Thanks for your patience!

  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf: Not for 3 days!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: I'll visit the Chanel forum a bit more.
  14. yikes, guys, they're closing down all the LV-related threads in the other forums, including the general forum.....just a heads up, in case this one gets shut down too........we're supposed to avoid LV completely....:sweatdrop:
  15. I guess I'll have to finish my grad school applications now....
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