No luck finding that desired Trevi GM or PM

  1. :sad: I have been waiting patiently for a Trevi to show up as it's sold out in both sizes online and none of the boutiques in Dubai where my family live or in the UK where I live have it in make matters worse LV have only gone and marked up the price even further, it used to be around the £860 mark and now it's around £915 for the GM. Not sure whether I should opt for the GM or the PM if I ever do stumble across one as I do like sizeable bags and am hoping to get my hands on a burberry manor soon in the sales, and have just purchased a fendi b mix tote in large. Any ideas of where I can get one legit? Saw one on eBay once but wasn't sure about it at the time..
  2. I think you should get on a waitlist at your store, and they will call you when it comes in.

    I am patiently waiting for mine as well. :sweatdrop:
  3. I'm sorry. I got on by pure luck. I walked in just as it had arrived. Maybe call the stores individually instead of the just the 866 number because they told me there were none in the US at all, and I got one.
  4. Same here, walked into my LV store today and there on the counter just unpacked was a trevi pm, decided to purchase her before the price increase and decide if I will keep her
  5. I am on the waitlist for the Trevi PM you know when is the price increase going to take effect?
  6. Can I ask where youre from? If I'm close enough and you don't want it...I'll take it!!
  7. Hi all, I'm on a waiting list both over in Dubai and in my local store here in manchester. I have my name down for the GM but don't know whether I should opt for the PM. I feel like kicking myself cos I had it in my hands, trying it on two months ago in my local store but decided against even considering it cos I had just purchased my plum miu miu coffer, and now it's like gold dust :crybaby:. Typical!! I presume the price increase has already taken effect cos that's how much it states online for the GM, even though it's out of stock
  8. And then there's me... I was waitlisted for the PM on Tuesday morning and got a call on Tuesday afternoon to say it was in!!!
    Unfortunately, I am trying to sell a Prada to fund the Trevi.. so I had to pass! :sad:
  9. its all about luck with the trevi! i was waitlisted since it came out and i only got a call around december.. by that time i already got one, coz i asked my friend's mom (who went to hongkong that time) to see if she could find me one there. she was able to get two from a store (for herself and a friend) and she went to look in another store for another one for me, only one in that store and she was only able to secure it because one customer on the waitlist decided to pass on the trevi.
  10. But just think how awesome it will be when you finally get the Trevi in your hands. It will be such joy!
    Hope you don't have to wait too much longer. :smile:
  11. hey got a phone call today at 6.47pm from my local LV store saying that they have just unpacked a trvei pm?!! Ironic as I was there 3 hours before and was told they had no clue when they were getting either sizes in and when I asked to check their database on the chance of me getting one elsewhere they said all those stores showing availability had reserved trevis. Now I'm hopping in tomorrow but I don't know whether to go for the pm or wait out for the gm as it was the gm I saw and held two months ago and really liked. I'm 5'6 and a half and usually wear heels, though it's flats for now till my due date, I'm expecting my second child, and tend to go for large bags, like my oversized YSL muse, fendi b mix tote, fendi spy, large gucci chain hobo etc. Is the pm considerably smaller?