No love for the Marine?

  1. I :heart: my new Marine City! Saw it on diabro and I thought they were Ink and I got disappointed when I found out it wasn't Ink at all. I had a change of heart big time as soon as I laid my eyes on her :tender:

    I've only seen this color from a few threads and I believe this is one of the slept color this year.

    Anyway, let me share some pictures. :graucho:



  2. CongratS!!!!!:woohoo::yahoo:It's a beauty...and the leather looks yummy too:p
  3. You have the prettiest ocean of any that I have seen. The color is so rich!
  4. beautiful blue!
  5. It looks like a gorgeous Ocean blue. I once had a Marine, but it didn't excite me after a while. This is one beautiful bag!
  6. I agree! This one almost looks like blueberry it has so much color. And I love the leather! It looks like the kind that will break in to be very smooshy.:tup:
  7. Congrats it's beautiful....looks alot like my Indigo city (I sold) I wonder if the colours are close
  8. What a beauty she is! I saw the ocean IRL this weekend, it's really pretty! Congrats!
  9. That color is soo beautiful! Congrats!
  10. WOW this totally looks like indigo 05! really quite stunning, awesome leather, congrats :yahoo:

  11. Ocean is so pretty, congrats!
  12. Wow, amazing color and TDF leather:heart:
  13. beautiful bag-I love the color!
  14. It's lovely! Perhaps I'm confused, but I thought that Marine and Ocean were two different colors. Some of the other replies seem to hint that they're the same. Does anyone know?
  15. Yes, marine and ocean are different colors. Marine is a S/S 07 color and ocean is a F/W 07 color. This bag is marine. HTH with clarifying the difference! :yes: