No love for the Madeline GM?

  1. I don't see much love for the madeline pm or gm on the pf. Is it not a popular bag? I've never seen it in person, hows the size?
  2. I like it :yes:
  3. i love it! :smile: I have the GM :smile:
  4. i love it, it's more like an office bag
  5. I REALLLLLLY want a PM in Red. That is going to be my next bag. I think it is priced very fair for an Epi bag.
  6. I actually saw someone carrying a black PM yesterday while I was at the Grove Shopping Mall.
  7. ~I have the Madeleine GM in black, I just didn't want to start another thread because there was another tPfer started one already. I absolutely LOVVVVE :love:mine!! *Beljwl* get yours hurry before the price increase:idea:~
  8. I'm thinking about getting the GM in black. Seems perfect to carry laptop, papers etc for work. I've seen both in person and like them, but just not sure. I'm curious what other pfers think.

  9. Yeah. I am hoping that they do not raise the price on it, this price increase since it is a new style. My SA will call me once they get the price increase notice and if it is going up I will FOR SURE buy it before the increase. Otherwise I am trying to be good for a few months. Let my bank account recover a little.
  10. Hope I'm not bursting anyone's bubble, but i honestly don't see the appeal of it. I saw it in the store and thought it just looks really plain....
  11. ^^Madeleine is def. my best babie now:nuts:I guess because I have been waiting and waiting just for *THE * perfect shoulder black Epi bag for me:excl: The red Maddy will be sooo beautiful will be a great addition to your collection:tup:~
  12. I love this bag in black and would get it if I could. It would be perfect as a feminine, conservative work bag.
  13. I love the GM and prefer it over the Passy for an epi work bag.
  14. ~Aaww Kimalee:crybaby::sad:"placing my protective arms"over my Maddy...JK:smile:~
  15. I almost bought Madeline GM in black last week, but I got Tivoli PM instead. I think Madeline GM is a great work book, a large enough to carry for 8x11 paper, water bottle, full size wallet, etc. However, it is not large enough for a laptop or anything in that size. Although I liked the outside pocket and classy look of it, I bought a Tivoli instead because Tivoli is more fun looking, and Madeline is not quite enough to be my work bag. I also wish the strap was adjustable, a little long for my 5'2 frame.