No love for sgh jaune/yellow Day?

  1. Since I couldn't find a tomato or Ocean sgh Day, I'm thinking about a jaune sgh Day. Is there anyone out there with this bag? Could you post a modeling pic please? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Anyone? I did a search but with all the yellow/marigold/jaune/juane keywords I may have missed a pic? :sweatdrop:
  3. I dont know if you know, but right now there's a Jaune Day with Silver Hardware on eBay. I'm not an expert on Balenciaga (yet) so I cant tell you if it fake or not, but it looks pretty good to me.

    I personally love Love LOVE the Day in Jaune:heart:, except I like the gold hardware. Something about that color just fits that bag, dont you think:yes:? And I think it looks awesome with the giant hardware. As little of a change the giant hardware is, it makes a huge difference! I just love it~ If I didnt have so many things on my wish list right now I'd get one. But I have 3 other bags I need to get first.:graucho:
  4. Very striking color - if - it works with your skintone and hair color. Sammydoll has one and it looks gorgeous on her!
  5. My skin is very light, porcelain even, and I have brown hair... so would that work you think?
    (PS Cleo you're not allowed to post e-bay links but I've seen that one).
  6. The seller of the jaune GH silver day is real. I bought a regular hardware black day from her a few months ago and it is an authentic beauty. The yellow is problematical for me personally. I LOVE it in theory but it's just a hard color to actually use. With a black coat, I felt like I looked like a bumblebee! I got the step in yellow (from Erica at hgbags) and have ended up putting it up for sale on eBay. The day style is an awesome style - comfortable and holds plenty.
  7. I have this bag, I LOVE it!!!! I got it when it first came out. I'll post some pics now that I FINALLY have time and a few days off. I have a new camera, so it will be more than a few minutes, check back! BTW, I have pale skin, too, dirty blonde hair.
  8. I love it too! The SGH looks great on Jaune. I have that combo in the Envelope Clutch...
  9. Can't wait for modeling pics! Thanks!!
  10. Jaune Day is gorgeous! Somehow some jaune styles I really like, and some I'm not so sure of, strange but true! It's never really happened for any other color for me, so I can't explain it. But Jaune Day, me likey! Sorry no modelling pics, but it makes no difference cos I'm neither fair nor brown-haired :p ....hmmm...I'd probably not wear it with black too, but I think all other colors, white, all shades of brown and all other colors under the rainbow goes well with yellow.

    Go for it, South!
  11. First of all, I adore Jaune. I have a rh day and work and think that the color looks fabulous on both bags. They go with everything! Haven't seen it IRL with the SGH, but I'm sure it looks awesome.
  12. Well, I Don't Have The Sgh But I Have The Day In Rh. I Really Wanted The Sgh But Couldn't Find It So I Got The Rh. I Love It. Honestly, It Wasn't Love At First Sight But It Grew On My Once I Saw Sammydoll's. I Am Constantly Amazed At How Many Outfits Go With It. I Myself Have A Light Complexion And Have Dark Brown Hair. I Think You Will Love It If You Are Intersted In Jaune.