no love for azur

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  1. a few of you might remember at the weekend i couldnt decide beteen the azur speeedy 25 or 30 so i bought both and they arrived at lunch time today. i was really dissapionted when i opened them. i think the azur is just too light, colour wise, for me and im gona return them first thing tomorrow.
    i am a little sad because id wanted them since they came out and all of you lovely girls on tpf looked great carrying them but they arent the bag for me. im sure someone else will give them a better home.
    and it means i have more $$$ to spend in NY the begining of march.
  2. I am sorry to hear that....I just bought a 25 today....I hope I like it.
  3. I like it because it's light...but I do know what you mean. To me it looks like a great summer bag. But you should love it...and if you don't then you need to get something you like better. Sorry you were disappointed. :sad:
  4. if it's not for you, it's not for you! better get something else you will love and am sure your return will make another very happy!

    likewise, am sure you will find something that will make YOU happy.
  5. Oh you planning to resell them or just return them? Did you check them in display or LV store before?
  6. Ohhh what bag are you planing on getting next?
  7. I dont like it either. Way too light and washed out. Looks kinda weird and cheap to me. Just my opinion though!!:shame:
  8. Aww! Sorry the azur didn't work out for you! I agree with Jill, you should get what you love and you'll def. make someone out there happy.

    p.s.-- I got to finally see the azur IRL...I prefer damier ebene much more. ;)
  9. are you sure you dont want to try on a couple of outfits and carry it in your home to see first? we are so used to the dark brown, the azur is so nice and light and summery. I bet you change your mind, especially once the patina changes on the leather. Its such a pretty bag.
  10. That's so funny, I had the opposite experience. I did not like Azur at all from the pics at first, and then when I saw it IRL I loved it!

    Definitely return them for a bag you love.
  11. i bought them from the LV UK website because i dont live that close to an LV store. im just gonna return them tomorrow. iv been thinking about the vernis mina street for a while now and i know i LOVE that so i think ill get that while im in NY.
  12. Yeah, too light for me too....I have mostly dark cloth...can't match....I'll stick to damier for now....
  13. I plan on using mine as a summer bag.
    But I'm weird about stuff like that, I only use my White MC Speedy during the summer months.
  14. I am not a big fan of the azur..Its good that you are returning it b/c you are having doubts. If you aren't in love with it, then it just wasn't meant to be. Good luck and I hope that you find something that you love even more on your NY shopping trip. :smile:
  15. I personally love Azur, but if it didnt work for you, get something else that you love.