No love for Anthrecite Paddy...

  1. Ok, so after carrying around the paddy for a little over 3 weeks (i think?) I decided that it is not the bag for me. It was definetly big enough, as a matter of fact, I used to lose my cell phone and miss lots of calls from having to dig in all the pockets to find it - then the lock kept getting in the way of my long fingernails...and then I just need a more of a shoulder bag I think...

    I don't know. I guess the paddy just isn't for me. I did see that chloe has a paddy hobo which MIGHT be interesting as I can carry it on my shoulder....:idea:
  2. Which paddy style? I just got the large tote in anthracite. I love the color, but the bag is a little big for me.
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