No longer waiting for a Cherry Spy

  1. I can cross off one of my ultimate covet bags. Cherry Spy has arrived. I'd never seen one IRL so didn't know what to expect. The color is chameleon-like. Changes drastically in different lighting. Here are pics taken on a very cloudy and gloomy Denver day.


    1cherry 002.jpg 1cherry 004.jpg 1cherry 006.jpg 1cherry 007.jpg 1cherry 010.jpg
  2. And more pics.

    I'll update this thread when I can take pics in better light.

    1cherry 011.jpg 1cherry 017.jpg
  3. It's so pretty!! I'm so envious! How did you get one? Congratulations!
  4. GOsh Deco you really are having the week of all weeks on the spys!

    Fabby dabby!

    COngrats shes a real beauty
  5. Such a huge CONGRATS a beautiful Cherry spy, so pleased for you Deco you have waited so long to get one. We can now be Cherry spy twins Yayyyyyyyy totally over the moon for you
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool: Deco, it is SO NICE!!! Happy to hear you got it! FINALLY!!! HUGE CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. What a beautiful color! I love how they reversed the hardware colors with the gold on the wand, perfect touch with this color.:yes:
  8. Wow, another cherry to drool over, yaaay! :yahoo: Congratulations! :yahoo:

    Where ever did you find one?
  9. Oh I love the Cherry Spy, congrats!
  10. You finally got one! :yahoo:Congrats. She's beautiful:drool:
  11. OMFG! :wtf: That color is absolutely gorgeous! :drool:

    Congrats! :nuts:
  12. Deco I am so pleased you finally have your Cherry!!! Where did you find her? CONGRATS!!! She is GORGEOUS!!!!:heart::heart:
  13. It's SOOO pretty :biggrin: congrats!
  14. Awww:shame: , you guys are the BEST! Thanks for enjoying this with me and for your enthusiasm.

    baglady, I hadn't even noticed the inverted hardware color until you pointed it out! I'm going to have to compare it with the rest of the spy family tonight. How exciting!

    Secret, you win the best statement with Fabby dabby:p

    Saichyloo, as lovely as this Cherry spy is, it doesn't hold a candle to yours!! I may still have to pay you a visit out yonder in them woods where you lurk...:death:
    Addy, bet you thought black was all you needed:graucho:

    I bought this from a fellow PFer. Very excited to finally have on of these. :yahoo:
    I'm going to rub her down with some LMB moisturizer and hopefully tomorrow there will be some sun so I post more pics. Stay tuned!
  15. congrats Deco,
    wow its been quite a spy week for you ;)

    cannot wait to see your other one too!!!! - you lucky lucky girl :smile: