No longer In Tears & Into More Happier Things!!

  1. I just wanted get away from all my eBay woes (thread) and wanted to share with you all my more happier LV happenings!! I sent my Vavin PM to LV on Oct20 to have the straps replaced, picked it up on Saturday and it turned out sooo beautiful!:tup: Also I got a $300 LV giftcard from my best friend for Christmas...he really supports my addiction:p and also a $25 LV gifcard from my sister! (Any suggestions on what I should get?) Needless to say, I don't have a Cabas Piano so that's out! LOL

  2. Your Vavin PM looks good as new! Congratulations! Are you wanting to put your gift card money towards a purse or just accessories? If it's for a purse, what about the Mini Lin Croisette Speedy in blue, or the azur Berkeley coming out? For accessories, there are lots of new stuff, too, like the pochette cles cadenas key chain in pomme, violette, and amarante --- costs $315 USD. Good luck!
  3. Wow, that looks awesome!!

    How about a little ludlow or something like that to go with it?
  4. Congrats !! it looks like new but I LOVE patina :crybaby: LOL, Maybe get a Ludlow ??, do you have one ?, or something LE like a heart coin purse if you put a little more $ too.
  5. Wow, congrats, that looks great! I'd get a wallet of some type also, maybe something Vernis?
  6. Congrats, it looks brand spankin' new!! Woo hoo nice $$$ loot, time to shop! I'm really into bag charms atm, so I'll suggest that. Glad that things are looking up for you. :smile:
  7. Awww... that Vavin is tooo cute!!!

    I have an idea! Let's spend our LV gift cards together! Hee hee hee.
  8. vernis coin purse maybe or the miroir heart of you put a lil more to it..........mmm, def. a bagcharm could do -- hey, an inclusion bracelet!! :graucho::heart:
  9. Wow, your Vavin looks great!!
  10. That bag looks brand new.... how much did it cost to replace the handles?
  11. GREAT SUGGESTIONS! I have a few charms and inclusions already. I think I'm done with those though.

    I'm considering something Vernis since I don't have anything in that line.


    I'm definitely leaning towards something Vernis!
  12. Yes, When I went to pick it up I was so excited as if I was getting a brand new bag! They quoted me in the beginning that it was $180 including the chapes (I didn't want uneven patina all over the bag) and it ended up being $180 flat:tup:!
  13. Your Vavin looks stunning with the new vachetta handles! I'm glad that you got something to lift your spirits after your ordeal :tup: If you're leaning toward vernis and you're not in love with the amarante or pomme that's out right now, hang on just a little bit for the beautiful purple coming out in January. But anything vernis just makes monogram POP!
  14. Looks great!!

    I would get a T&B pochette- they are so cute!
  15. OMG!!!! It looks totally brand new!!! Amazing!!!

    Get a wallet in Pomme