No longer feel like a Purse Forum fraud.....

  1. have finally bagged myself a Whiskey Paddington from a fellow TPF-er (e-bay), and love it love it love it. The only problem is I can't work out for the life of me how to upload piccies....argh!

    I know what you mean about it being addictive. Have only had my Paddie for a few weeks and now thinking of my next purchase. I only have the Whiskey Paddie and am really scared of "over-using" it, but Whiskey was my all-time favourite colour and I can't imgaine loving any other colour as much? Any ideas?
  2. ahh congrats Sally, nothing like the feeling of getting your first paddy :biggrin:

    You have the classic colour, so for your next purchase, how about something bright coloured, or go for a bag with silver hardware, it does make the bag look different :smile:
  3. or.......go for a different style of Paddy; the loaf; the shopper; the pocket? Try a metallic or bleu?
  4. Congrats!!!

    I have to say that blanc (or sable or craie if you can get your hands on one) is a super stunning color that won't compete with Whiskey in your wardrobe.

    Enjoy that whiskey!!
  5. congrats! pls show us pics
  6. Congratulations!!!!! Can't wait to see pics of that beautiful paddy!
  7. I would love to show pics if I could work out how - is there a separate thread giving tips? Currently I get an error message saying my JPG is too large.

    I actually had the Bleu in mind although I never thought I would want a blue bag I think it really suits the Paddie. But also quite like the choc quilted Bay...... whatever happens it won't be for a couple of months yet, need my hubbie to get over this purchase!
  8. Congrats, Whiskey is a beautiful color!