No longer an eBay virgin.....hooray!

  1. I have been leary of eBay only because I really don't want to get stuck with a fake purse, wallet etc. :yucky: Who does?
    So I've been studying the threads and making mental notes of the good eBay sellers.
    Lo and behold,(angels with harps are heard) I found some bags that I actually bid on... but lost. (hopefully to a fellow tPFer :tup:)
    I have to tell you, what a rush, it is soooo addicting and exciting! I was determined to win and kept bidding, my keyboard was smokin' hot!
    I started bidding on a Leigh Sig Pocket Flap, it went out for $507, actually more with shipping and a Patchwork Satchel that went for $465. + shipping...yikes!!

    OMG you could really get into a lot of trouble doing this. I just kept bidding & bidding and just when I thought I was going to win....
    it hit me. How the hell am I going to explain these purses to DH if I win? :push: We are doing some major remodeling in our home, so the new Coach additions would not be joyfully welcomed by him at least!
    Oh no :lecture: major lecture time.

    Anyway, I am excited to say, I finally got Bella a Coach dog collar! It's my first Coach purchase on eBay! Woo hoo!:nuts: It is also not a budget breaker!
    I know this is a silly post, but I had to share.

    I would love to get a new purse soon though, I am going through purse withdrawls :sick: and I'm envious of all the new purses everyone is getting lately. Thanks for taking the time to read my short novel.

    Now all I can think of is when will it get here, will it actually fit and is it authentic! :oh:

    Love these smilies:love:they add so much to your posts!
  2. awww...loved your story! I KNOW all about ebay being addictive. It is exciting when you're bidding on something...they bid higher, you bid higher....then its not about getting a great deal, its about winning that auction, darn it! LOL....I got sucked into that mode once when I was bidding on a Legacy Oxford striped slim tote. Luckily (for my wallet) I lost that auction but I still kept bidding even after my limit had passed! I WANTED that tote no matter what the price! After it was over...I was SO thankful I lost! yikes....
    Oh, I want to get my girl bulldog a Coach collar too! I'm just wondering if the XL will be large enough for her! LOL......I think the Legacy striped collar and the signature collar with the pink leather trim are so cute! If you did your homework and bought from a reputable dealer with good should be fine. Post pics when you get it!:yes:
  3. Congrats on your 1st ebay purchase. :happydance: I too have been leary of bidding on ebay. There are some great deals but I have heard of too many fakes. I have a couple of sellers that have been mentioned on this site that I am now looking at, so who knows one of these days I may take the plunge as well. :yes:
  4. Bidding on ebay is not as addicting as tpf's are. I was pefectly happy with my Coach stash until fellow tpf's started getting their mandy's on ebay. I just HAD to have one. Well that is a big expense to explain to dh, but he liked that I was getting a $800.00 purse for less than half! So he was just as happy as I was. And my Mandy is soooo beautiful.:drool:
    I too get caught up in ebay. It does become about winning and not about price.
    Congrats on your first purchase. I am sure there will be more to follow.
  5. congrats, please post pix of it on Bella when you receive it.
  6. WTG, on your first buy, I been over those boards so much lately, I know what you mean..
    I was looking at a new listing and i wasn't two minutes into researching it and was bought up already.
    But I'm so glad i do more research , this seller had bought the bag just a fee days before and had paid more that they listed it under BIN so they weren't even making the money back on the bag, thats a red flag in my book, but it had sold so quick it makes me wonder. Oh well it wasn't to be.
  7. I was so thankful that I lost too. Maybe someday soon I will be able to get a great deal on a fab bag....just not now.

    BTW, I wanted to let you know that if you are able to visit a Coach outlet, they seem to have lots of XL doggie collars. I would call first and see before you drive over, that's if you even have one close by.
    Oh and I love bulldogs, I almost got a sweet bully before I got my Chihuahua.
    I will definitely post pix of the collar once I get it. You do the same if you get your girl a collar.
  8. luvchocolate- you are doing the right thing by researching eBay before you take the plunge. Good luck and post pictures if you end up winning! It's so exciting!
    New2Coach-great job on winning your Mandy, such an awesome purse! Congrats to you.
    Ihateknockoffs-I will definitely post a pix of Bella in her new collar. She's had nothing but Petco and Target collars so she's really upgrading!
    Charstar- I keep telling myself the same thing, those purses weren't meant to be. Oh and welcome to tPF!
  9. If you decide to shop on ebay, make sure that you use Paypal with a credit card, then if you do get a counterfeit, you can dispute the charge, and because it is illegal to send a counterfeit through the mail, you can throw the fake into a bonfire and dance around it (I buy on EBay all the time and have never gotten a fake, though I am careful and do my research). If you do your research and are still not sure, check the seller's feedback and look at the other items they sell, if everything else looks okay or if other items are counterfeit, that is usually the tie breaker for me.
  10. Beanphd-thanks for the info.-I actually opened a Paypal account, that was the very first thing I did! I noticed most sellers prefer Paypal so that was the logical way to go.
    Here's a quick question for anyone
    Why is it imperative to have a high feedback number when you are dealing with some sellers? For example, If you have below 10 feedback, you have to email the seller in advance before you can bid on their Coach item. Having a low feedback number is a curse!
  11. ^^^^
    Most sellers prefer to have high feedback from buyers so that they will not get burned by a non-paying bidder or something. It can be easy to just make a new user name and bid away & then not pay, hence preferring buyers with some good feedback. Usually if you e-mail the buyer first it works out fine.

    Also, try bidding only maybe in the last hour or so if you can - it will keep the prices from getting as high if you don't have a week-long bidding war with someone. Some people find that sniping services are a good way to go - they are sites that will place a bid up to as high as you indicate in the last few seconds of an auction. You can read up on sniping more in the ebay forum...

    Good luck and happy ebaying!