No longer a Neiman Marcus customer

  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but here it is. I will no longer shop at Neimans. They have messed up 3 of my last 3 orders. The first 2 orders, I ordered CL Very Prives and twice they sent me CL Yoyo Zeppas. This last order, I purchased a clutch at $900 because of their advertised "Free upgraded 2 day delivery". I ordered it on 10/21 and it has an approximate ship date of 10/29. I contacted NM and they told me there is nothing they can do. That's it! False advertising- that's not right.

    For so long, I put up with the snooty SAs (and at numerous various locations) because sometimes NM is the only store that has it and frankly, it was convenient. But this is it, no more! Why? Why have I continued to shop there when Saks has wonderful SAs and is always so accomodating. No more.

    Sorry, I just had to vent. I feel better now. Thanks for listening.
  2. I don't blame you! :shocked: They have sent me a used bag before when I ordered online, and then tried to blame me! :boxing:
  3. Good for you, for standing up to poor service.

    Fire off an email to customer services too, informing them of how bad they are :smile:
  4. I only use NM for discounted purchases and deals. I don't like how slow their shipping is and if I pay full price for something I want it right away.
  5. Trust me, they know it. They simply don't care. I even talked to the head "guru." :cursing:
  6. Same here. I can usually wait for the shipping - I figure if I waited so long for the item to go on sale, then a few more days won't be an issue. I've always had fairly good luck, and just return items to the store for immediate credit when needed.
  7. ^ I was just telling my dad today how much NM sucks compared to Nordstrom. Sometimes it takes 1.5 weeks to get my packages and when I do they are always mangled, items are unpadded/unwrapped and the address label is just taped-on paper. I know I'm nitpicking, but c'mon Neimans... you sell $1000000+ items in your catalogue, but you can't afford sticky labels?! Plus their return policy sucks.

    I only order from NM when they have killer sales. And I go in person when I want to buy Kiehls. I must admit though, the sales people are always VERY nice to me. I've seen how they treat the other customers, so I have no idea why they like me, but they do...
  8. I'm not a fan of Neiman Marcus either. I have always had the worst customer service when I've gone, specifically the last time I was there. I went to purchase my Chanel flap which I had put on hold over the phone earlier in the day. I get there, and ask the SA for the girl who put the bag on hold for me, but she wasn't there. I explained how so & so had put a bag on hold for me, and if she knew where to find it. She gave me a dirty look, and said "well are you going to buy it?"... I thought that was pretty rude. I think I have the right to see something before I purchase it. Anyway, she stomps off, and she brings the bag. I notice there is no dustbag for it... I ask her if she can find me one b/c I don't see one in the box nor inside of the bag, and she says "OBVIOUSLY!" while just giving me a dirty look. So I ask if I could please have one since normally they are supposed to come with one... she didn't reply, and just stomps off making all this noise and talking to herself. There was no need for any of that, especially since I wasn't rude and didn't treat her with any attitude (unlike how she was treating me). This was two weeks ago, and after that I told myself I would never shop there again.

    I definitely have had much better experiences at Saks and of course Nordstrom.

    Sorry for the long reply, it's just very upsetting, and even more so b/c I'm seeing how many other people agree that they have awful customer service, and apparently NM doesn't seem to care.
  9. That sucks that you had such a bad expierence. There a no Neiman's near me but I understand about the snootiness (sp?!) with SA's not very appealing for the store when the SA's are worse than the customers! They are there to help US...that really drives me crazy!
  10. It's all so true, isn't it. They basically suck! Thank you all for listening to me rant. I'm so sorry for your shared experiences too.

    That just means more business for Saks and Nordstroms. Happy shopping!
  11. I like Saks better and Bergdorfs. NM is OK, bit only when I can avoid tax and get free shipping.
  12. By the way, I did send an email to their customer service, but I suspect it won't result in any improvements. Also, I double-checked my email confirmation and it clearly states "upgraded shipping". At least I tried and really, the only answer is- shop elsewhere.
  13. I also sent them a nice long letter. My issue is posted in the shoe section under the NM rant thread.
  14. Honestly, it sounds like she was jealous. I know this is a broad generalization, but chances are if she's a young girl working in retail she cannot afford a Chanel bag (at least not easily)...

    I knew a girl like that who worked at Bloomingdales. Her parents had a lot of money, but they made her get a job because she spend so much shopping and they were sick of supported her spoiled @ss. She was 25, it was her first job, and she only agreed to it because of the discount. She was really rude to customers and she got in trouble for it all the time. I think it was basically because she was jealous of them; she wanted to SHOP, not work. It's like it was embarrassing to her or something, so she took it out on the customers :rolleyes: I find there's a LOT of people like this who work in high-end retail..