no longer a Mulberry Virgin!!

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  1. I ordered my Alexa last week and she arrived so quickly all the way from England! Took her out for a spin yesterday - love her!! Definitely need a few more holes in the shoulder strap, its so long and I am short - 5'3" , 63 inches tall. I love the color and its the perfect size for me - I got the Regular size. I carry an iphone, wallet, coin purse, lg hair brush, cosmetic bag and camera.

    Modeling shots show the bag full of my stuff. I got the matching wallet as well!

    the perfect Valentine to me from me. I had to sell a Bbag to get it.

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  2. gorgeous!!! congrats!!
  3. pretty purchase! loves it! :love:
  4. Congrats! It´s gorgeous. :love:
  5. Thanks Sara2006, beauty k addict and beljwl! This bag is a totally funky departure from the usual!!
  6. lovely way to start your Mulberry addiction!
  7. That's wonderful! May many more join your family.
  8. Congrats, it looks fab on you, love your outfit! :smile:
  9. Wow, its a stunner!! You look great with her too, what lovely modelling pics! Congratulations, I am glad she arrived so quickly and that it was love at first sight :love:

  10. looks so good on you!!, im 5' 2 and i got 4 more holes put in my alexa. it sits perfect now!
  11. Congrats, looks fabulous ! You wear her well. Welcome to Mulberry addiction...
  12. congrats! it's such a stunner!
  13. Congratulations, it looks great!
  14. Wow that duo is some way to start your Mulberry collection !
    A word of warning though I started my collection with a pink bag ......hee hee !!
  15. Beautiful leopard Alexa! Will be so lovely in the spring and summer too. I love that long locked purse too. Have it in oak, but would love one to match my oak leopard alexa as well...:graucho:

    Congrats, and enjoy your first (of many I assume) Mulberry bag!